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Digital Disruption in the Capital Markets

Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor

Baron von Reuter, the German founder of what is known today as Reuters Holding private limited company, used carrier regions to fly stock and market quotations between Brussels and Aachen in Germany. This was in the 19th century. Ever since, the capital markets has witnessed revolutionary changes. Today, technology offers enhanced efficiency to investors, issuers and market participants.

With computing and mobile technology becoming increasingly more powerful and comparatively more affordable, technology has played it role in

transforming communication in the capital market. Communication technologies have aided in making the capital markets more efficient by providing all participants with faster, more effective means of exchanging information. The recent advances in information and communications technology are resulting in markets that are more efficient and transparent and are better able to handle increased trading volume. In these respects, the impact of new technologies upon the capital markets as a whole has been positive.

Many financial firms are turning to algorithms to do the job that humans have been doing for decades. Machine learning algorithms have improved significantly. With burgeoning processor capabilities at lower cost, these algorithms are available for broader use. Artificial intelligence techniques allow systems to learn from user interactions and patterns without being explicitly programmed for it.

In the past few years, machine learning and other artificial intelligence technologies have provided us with self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, chess champions and more relevant and realistic web searches. In financial markets, there are software analysing voice patterns of recorded calls at investment banks, brokerages or even on the client side. It can quickly learn to identify anomalies and frauds. It can also look at keywords, decipher colloquial encryption of information and perform complex searches on the recordings.

In this edition, we’re focusing on some technology enablers that have turned their attention towards the dynamic capital market. These recommended 10 may suffice to yours and your clients’ financial growth.

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