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Healthcare Witnesses Tremendous Transformations

Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor

We all know how new technology in the medical field is benefiting the sector of digital health and how important it is to adequately address the requirements in population health management via new healthcare technology trends. Technology in healthcare today is focussed on accelerating the use of AI, AR/VR, data visualization, etc. Additionally, the health industry is using IT services of healthcare IT solutions to achieve better patient engagement and experience.

The push to digitalize healthcare isn't new but has

been happening from the last ten years. This so-called digital health push started with EHR (Electronic Health Records) under the health data management. During 2019, the application of digital health will continue to go far beyond the traditional system and empower individuals to be able to manage their own health. Based on our estimates, it is expected that digital health tech catering to out of hospital settings will grow by 30 percent to cross USD 25 billion market globally by end of 2019. Increasing cost burden from chronic health conditions and aging population will be the chief driver for digital health solution such as RPM devices, telehealth platforms, PERS, and mHealth applications. Furthermore, favorable reimbursement policies towards clinically relevant digital health applications will continue to expand care delivery models beyond physical medicine to include behavioral health, digital wellness therapies, dentistry, nutrition, and prescription management. Wearable technology in healthcare includes electronic device .

Perhaps now more than any other time in our history, we are realizing the importance of technology in social service delivery, and its role in enhancing the general quality of life. Growing up in India, where the majority has minimal access to basic public amenities like healthcare, one develops an appreciation for the value of enabling such technologies that assist and scale service delivery in the context of developing countries.

In this edition we bring together few exceptional healthcare tech providers who are making a difference for good.

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