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How Vi is Shaping Up the IoT Landscape in India

Amit Satpathy, EVP, Head-IoT, Vodafone Idea Limited

The Internet of Things has extended the idea of connectivity beyond smartphones and laptops to cover smart devices, smart homes, and smart cities today. The focus on increasing automation, and penetration of affordable devices complemented with the maturing and adoption of technologies like cloud computing and analytics are also influencing IoT adoption.
Strong connectivity and coverage, increasing internet penetration, and rising customer expectations are fuelling the market growth. It comes as no surprise that the IoT market is expected to reach $ 9.28 billion by 2025 from $ 4.98 billion in 2020.

The Indian IoT story had a quiet beginning. However, IoT applications and solutions are now becoming mainstream in the country with many start-ups offering solutions in the IoT sector.
While IoT adoption is on the increase, the acceleration lies ahead of us. India is expected to have nearly two billion connected devices by the end of this year indicating a tenfold rise in the demand and acceptance of IoT applications.

Need for Unifying IoT Standards
Establishing uniformity in technology applications and standards is a critical starting point to drive acceptance and adoption. Most industries are keen to leverage the benefits of transparency, greater productivity, increased agility, and better decision-making by leveraging deep analytics brought forward by IoT. As such the market needs certain established standards that will convince enterprises to adopt and advocate this technology.

Some of the core concerns of the industry include security gaps and an absence of best practices that constitute a robust end-to-end IoT solution framework. Establishing efficient security practices and accounting for aspects such as confidentiality, identity management, access control, reliability, robustness, authenticity, resilience, safety, availability, accountability, and utility are areas of work.

Vi Business is playing a pivotal role in establishing IoT standardization and shared an approach for best practices while launching the end-to-end IoT solution framework- Vi Integrated IoT solutions. Vi Business has also partnered with Center for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) to simplify IoT solutions deployment and bring standardization and interoperability among devices and applications as per one M2M standard in India. Joint certification of devices from Vi Business & C-DOT would help to make this as an IoT industry standard for the OEM’s and device aggregators.

The Complexity of Working with Multiple Partners – Made Simple with Vi Business
IoT can be a strategic business driver when used adroitly. However, this technology consists of multiple moving parts – hardware, software, the platform, bandwidth, etc, are just the tip of the iceberg.

To drive IoT adoption, it becomes crucial to

simplify the complexity of working with multiple partners.

Understanding the challenges of the market, Vi Business has developed a consulting-led engagement model that helps businesses identify IoT application areas and then helps them address the challenges that prevent them from using conceptualizing, designing, and deploying IoT as a strategic driver.

Vi Business has numerous identified partners to provide a wide range of Integrated IoT solutions across industries. Be it smart infrastructure, smart mobility, and smart utilities on our 5G-ready network, Vi Business offers organizations a one-stop shop to address their IoT needs. Our innovative IoT framework analyses an organization's setup, capabilities, and operating models to evaluate IoT maturity and growth potential.

Our IoT Lab-as-a-Service helps organizations with successful IoT deployments. This service offers robust testing for 50+ most diverse test scenarios. It delivers 1000+ hours of field testing, 20+ modules, and 25+ devices certified by working closely with the IoT ecosystem. Vi Business is commitment towards building indigenous capabilities for the digital transformation by creating various test bed in IoT Labs in collaboration with C-DoT.

The Security Challenge
As technology proliferation increases the threat landscape escalates too. Securing the security perimeter becomes critical as cyberattacks continue to threaten. The volume of data that flows across the IoT universe demands organizations improve their security posture.

With a clear understanding of the security landscape, Vi Business implements robust privacy and security practices by providing regulatory compliant solutions. As diverse technologies, devices, and sensors interact with each other in IoT, Vi Business delivers comprehensive security across devices, applications, cloud, and network and secure the threat landscape.

Trust Vi Business with Your IoT Needs
Vi has been contributing actively to the growth and adoption of the IoT ecosystem in India by addressing the challenges that impede IoT adoption. The organization is well-positioned to capitalise on future growth driven by the government’s push toward Digital India and Smart Cities.

Our Integrated IoT solution designs and develops solutions for enterprises by integrating various elements of the IoT value chain to improve competitiveness and drive greater customer satisfaction

At Vi Business, we have become the only telecom company in India to offer secure end-to-end IoT solutions that include connectivity, hardware, network, application, analytics, security, and support. Industry recognition through awards from Frost & Sullivan and CIO Choice reinforce the quality of our products & services.

Our Integrated IoT solution has helped an ice cream company manage its carts distribution activity more efficiently. Using our Smart mobility fleet distribution management solution, the customer maximized ice cream sales, streamlined daily operations, and could improve distribution forecasting. Customer was able to have a complete granular visibility of ice cream carts and high-density spots.

Vi Business enabled a textile company to increase production capacity and productivity by monitoring & controlling the material movements, reduce the laborious process of transporting textile materials and drive seamless operations using our IIoT enabled Smart Infra Industry 4.0 solution. Our solution has automated the transportation of materials from the production floor to warehouse using autonomous mobile robot.

These are just a few examples of how we are contributing actively toward India’s digital and smart future. Our Integrated IoT solution designs and develops solutions for enterprises by integrating various elements of the IoT value chain to improve competitiveness and drive greater customer satisfaction. It also helps enterprises, both big and small, lower costs, improve efficiencies, and increase agility in a tough, competitive, and disruptive marketplace.

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