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TalentNet Infosolutions: Piloting A Mission To Bridge Industry-Academia Gap

Deepankar Sarkar, Co-Founder & CEO, TalentNet Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. | Friday, 18 June, 2021
Deepankar Sarkar, Co-Founder & CEO, TalentNet Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.

It’s ironic that futuristic technologies like Cloud Computing, Virtualization & Cyber Security, which often were subject to a lot of conspiracies around the extinction of human’s jobs, today engender new job roles and in turn more employment opportunities in the country. This also implies a soaring need for bridging the gap between industry-academia to make students future-ready; more so post-COVID, since the students are forced to learn through online classrooms, which limits their hands-on experience and knowledge. The higher educational institutions in our country will have to step up and bridge this gap by infusing students with digital and non-digital skills to make them employable.

Successfully piloting a mission to bridge this long ventilated gap between the industry and academia is Delhi-based TalentNet Infosolutions (P) Ltd. TalentNet provides the higher education institutes, Universities and numerous government bodies across the country with scientifically structured contemporary professional skilling programs powered by an efficient, engaging and interactive pedagogy as well as a wide horizon products and services to set workforces on success track. It offers a wide array of cutting edge IT courses with International Certifications which are one of the top ranking Certifications and are high in demand.

Today, TalentNet is riding out an exponential growth curve under the aegis of Deepankar Sarkar (Co-Founder & CEO), who is a well-known personality in the learning & development sector, owing to his role in the growth of digitization in the Indian IT segment. He has been at the helm of developing some of the finest IT-skilled manpower that is currently engaged in transforming the IT and Non-IT based Project Management and Training Industry. Through TalentNet, Deepankar is now involved with establishing Innovative Student Services Programs and employment oriented education services. CIO Insider engages in an exclusive interactive session with the man at the helm to further explore the story of TalentNet.

In conversation with Deepankar Sarkar, Co-Founder & CEO, TalentNet Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.

How would you describe the approach of TalentNet towards professional skilling? How do you leverage your experience in this endeavor?
It’s no secret that developing talent and overall development of students in the process call for a multi-pronged approach and personalized education with 360-degree evaluation. Every engaging delivery system of our programs ensures that the student is enlightened with knowledge every day of his professional education with us. The fact that we are a team that is extremely passionate about education helps this cause. Each and every individual in our team has vast experience and expertise to offer. I take pride in saying that in the last three years of our journey, we have touched on the lives of thousands of students and have successfully turned around their outlook towards career success.

My more than two-decades strong IT trainer experience in the Institutional & corporate realm definitely helps in the process. The experience of

being a part of the Individual Learning System of NIIT Ltd and their large partner network for about a decade, and later as the National Program Manager (in the higher education space) of HCL Infosystems Ltd have played an instrumental role in this journey.

What are the programs that you offer and what are the admission criteria?
We offer a wide array of new age IT courses, starting from basic Cloud Computing programs to high-end and full-fledged high-end career courses on Data Centre Virtualisation. TalentNet is a VMware Authorized Training Centre and offers its students Internationally recognized and accepted Certifications like VMware Certified Technical Associate (VCTA) as well as the coveted VMware Certified Professional (VCP) Certifications.

We are also offering high end Cybersecurity, Ethical Hacking & Mobile Ethical Hacking professional programs in association with EC-Council. Students also have the advantage to appear for the Global Vendor Certification Exams after completing their courses.

Tell us about the ser vices that your company offers.
We provide multifarious services to a wide customer ecosystem that includes students who belong to either schools or colleges, corporate customers, colleges, government as well as any other learner who aspires to increase his/her skill levels for the betterment of career prospects. Programs intended to reduce the Industry Institute Gap, bridging the same by integrating programs in the pre final and the final years of the student’s academics.

Your company also offers a bunch of progressive ser vices to schools & colleges like high security ID Card development and Digitization of College Records and Examinations. Could you tell us about them?
The security concerns of colleges and schools about their students is an ever growing predicament. Innovations and reliable solutions in this segment and highly welcomed by institutions. Our High Security Digitalized ID card system ensures that the entire data of the students including their bio-metric identification - the Retina and the Finger print records, their blood groups etc are all stored in this ID card device. This solution is highly scalable and the students’ realtime attendance records and even their movement inside the college can be tracked with this solution. The entire college and the students are secured across many parameters.

I take pride in saying that in the last three years of our journey, we have touched on the lives of thousands of students and have successfully turned around their outlook towards career success

On the other hand, we are pioneers in digitization of educational institutions. Our team camps in the college and completely digitize the current records of students enrolled, while also enabling the digitization of examinations conducted in every semester. This helps the college authorities to keep an updated history of the same to view and analyze the documents in a more resourceful manner. The digitization drive and being able to keep continuous backups of the data also help institutions maintain an environment with robust security.

How does TalentNet’s Institution Partnership program work and how does it help the Engineering Colleges, Universities and Higher Education Colleges?
TalentNet is one of India’s fastest growing training companies, which intrinsically makes our Institutional Partner program an attractive business proposition for all higher education & engineering colleges & Universities who are willing to make it large by inculcating our programs in the education and training curriculum and get a stellar performance with higher levels of success rates. While it requires minimal investment, we offer hands-on support and Faculty Development Programs to bolster the latest education trends and technologies to the esteemed Faculty fraternity.

We have a simple on-boarding process that starts with an inquiry email / form. The shortlisted Institutions are verified through a process and once okayed, the whole process starting from inquiry to documentation and onboarding is done in less than two weeks.

What’s the future road of TalentNet?
TalentNet’s Journey to the world of Education was sprouted from a dream of empowering the youth of India by skilling and enabling them to get the right job. To realize this dream, we created a network of talented minds that helped us disseminate knowledge and education to the workforce of tomorrow. Going forward, we also plan to reach out to the rural youth of the nation and help them in their professional lives enabling them access to the best of education, knowledge and the power of dream.

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