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Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor

AI is booming. Startups are venturing into AI based solutions. All this is happening at an exponential level. Well, all such statements have become more like an understatement. We all know it, we have discussed the same and read a library full of articles. It’s time to dig further into what ‘s with all the craze. Let’s answer a primitive question? Why do entrepreneurs young & experienced alike, still fancy Artificial Intelligence as their launch pad.

Startups focusing on niche areas in AI are feeling lucky as they have earned the confidence of investors. Besides ventures with strong AI capabilities are shining with deals and customers beyond early pilots. Big tech firms have kept a close eye for such startups, as announced in the Union budget, by the government. Tech behemoth Google acquired Halli Labs, then a four-month-old startup, in July 2017. In India, Swiggy is hardly the first tech star to bite the AI apple. Previously, Google, Walmart Labs, Flipkart, Paytm, Oyo and several other global and home grown players have all invested in and acquired companies to boost their presence in AI. For much of the past few years, startups and large companies have been running relatively small experiments with AI. Now the momentum in the space is accelerating, as evidenced by a flurry of deals as well as by in-house budgets at unicorns being diverted.

There are more proofs of to why startups took a liking in the AI domain; the current wave of AI startups was really started only sometime after 2012 (when deep learning demonstrated its power at the annual Image NET competition). This edition we bring out the very best of the AI first startups who have grown 10 fold and for all the right reasons. Bottstrapped or not, these startups are talking serious AI backed processes and business bottlenecks. This list of the top 10 most recommended startups can turn your business complexities into true revenue models.

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