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AWS Will Transform Your Calorie Hungry Enterprise It Infra Into A Low-Cost Innovation Power House

Akshay Dhoot, Director, Infodart Technologies Ltd.

Today, organizations of all sizes are facing challenges with on-going demand and competition as never before. Globalization and economic pressures are changing the business landscape, in-creasing the pressure to reduce time-to-market with new products and services, while keeping costs down.

There are many challenges and limitations for on-premise IT Infra in the form of high pro-visioning time, aging platform, cumbersome license/AMC renewal cycle, high power consumption for unused compute, high cost of failure, security threat, expensive R&D and innovation cost. Setting up new/increasing size of infra requires manpower, space and consumes a lot of time to get into the operating condition which further adds resources to get it managed. To evade all these challenges and limitations, enterprises are considering cloud, the only seamless solution to overcome this problem and thrive in this digital world.

There are a lot of reasons why customers are migrating to the cloud. Some are looking to completely re-imagine their business using modern technology as part of a larger digital transformation program. Some are migrating to the cloud to increase the productivity of their workforce. And of course, organizations are always looking for ways to improve the bottom line by reducing their costs.

With cloud adoption becoming the new normal for enterprise, the next-level debate is now about the specific approach to take when migrating to cloud. At Infodart, we develop methodologies and approaches which alleviate delivering innovation without disruption, ensuring that your on-premise legacy applications and processes remain fully integrated with those when you move to the cloud. We follow the cloud migration approach as:

Portfolio Analysis: Define cloud strategy and create a cloud migration plan, which includes determining the architecture that best fits your existing landscape.

Cloud Foundations: Setup and secure cloud environments based on your workload requirements and dependencies

Cloud Migration: Execute the physical migration of workloads to your new AWS environments, based on the Portfolio Analysis phase

Run: Managed services to ensure you remain in-line with AWS best practices

With the largest global infrastructure of any cloud provider, AWS is able to help you quickly deploy your applications and data anywhere your customers reside. It supports homogeneous migrations such as Oracle to Oracle, as well as heterogeneous migrations between different database platforms, such as Oracle to Amazon Aurora. Migrations can be from on-premises data-bases to Amazon RDS or Amazon EC2, databases running on EC2 to RDS, or vice versa, as well as from one RDS database to another RDS database.

Enterprises should leverage the opportunity to move to the AWS cloud as sooner as possible to get the agility and speed your business needs and transform your it infra into a low-cost innovative powerhouse

Be it your ERP system, Applications or Website; AWS has the rapid deployment solutions for your IT Infra to move within no-downtime so that you could save up your time and resources managing your database and at the same time non-disruptive changes to the system. The advantage associated with the AWS cloud adaptation is pay-per-usage model where you only pay for what and when you use.

Another concern for enterprises is security of data. AWS provides several security capabilities and services to increase privacy and control network access with network firewalls built into Amazon VPC, and web application firewall capabilities in AWS WAF let you create private networks, and control access to your instances and applications. There is Encryption in transit with TLS across all services and connectivity options that enable private or dedicated connections from your office or on-premises environment.

With increasing use of technology in the form of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Big Data & Analytics etc. where anytime, any¬where access to the technology is the need of the hour to continually sustain and thrive in this hyper-connected digital world; cloud is the way to deliver all your needs. Enterprises should leverage the opportunity to move to the AWS cloud as sooner as possible to get the agility and speed your busi¬ness needs and transform your IT Infra into a low-cost innovative powerhouse.

At Infodart, as we aspire to work aggressively on upcoming technologies, specifically on SAP HANA and AWS, we believe that the beauty of SAP and AWS allows us to adopt all this disruptive technology without disturbing the business in itself which strongly reflects in the projects delivered to our customers.

We have been engaged in a technological renaissance and jointly working with our clients to develop methodologies and approaches which improve delivering innovation without any disturbance, and our clients have started experiencing its benefits.

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