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Buddy Bot (me / he / she), A Personalized Companion

Arun Maria, Director - IT, AstraZeneca, GTC Chennai

Today, the democratization of technology has created indefinite possibilities to customize Digital platforms, unfolding a new wave in augmented intelligence. We can witness an increasing indulgence of augmented intelligence in the personalization space, as this traverses uncharted waters, and the new Gig tools which support a range of opportunities. Personalized medicines, Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), Digital therapeutics, Virtual assistants like Siri, and Google assistant are a few examples of how digital tools enable personalization. However, these ready-built digital agents are currently restricted to a domain or an area of expertise, although there is a wider scope to personalize bots for one’s professional and personal needs. Here is Buddy Bot (me/he/she), a personalized digital assistant available round the clock with a follow-me principle connecting all devices and channels, customized to offload mundane daily transactions to the bot, which complements with laser-sharp focus, timing, and precision.

Since our daily life is heavily transactional with an average screen time near Seven-hour 22 minutes pre-Covid, which has increased by 20 percent during the pandemic. The stress and disconnect we have been experiencing have caused a shift in our social behavior and may influence in making impromptu decisions. However, Buddy Bot is a companion that can interlude, provide guidance, as well as support our decision-making process. Let’s see the ‘how’ part with some scenarios starting with simple task automation, progressing through enhanced learning (ML) ability, leading to decision support (DSM) and augmented intelligence.

Consider that the Digital Assistant comes packaged with prebuilt intelligence and behavior elements to support Doctors, Executives, Legal experts, Finance professionals with a ready built-in service catalog. Whereas, providing both the right level of access control to your devices and data, without compromising data privacy. Buddy Bot now gets closer to support. Can I help you? The moment has been established.

Let me demonstrate how AI services can help different domains in their day-to-day operations by freeing up time so they can focus on value-added tasks.

Roughly 30 percent of the screen time is spent on checking emails, which is often cluttered and results in leaving important/critical mails to lose attention. Allowing Buddy Bot to access the mailbox through O-365 API, can enable them to clean the clutter, maintain housekeeping of the mailbox, and compose standard responses to unimportant mails.

the Bot is able to compile the stock holding position for the day, and provide a summary readout on performing stocks while you are on the go, and connected through your infotainment

Integrating the address book makes it easier to sequence the mails by order of priority, and enables text reading through language models, which will further fine-tune the order of importance. What a game! If this frees up our email watch for an hour a day.

Doctors frequently struggle to manage their time and appointments, resulting in a misalignment of priorities. Bots can help manage their calendars by accepting and confirming appointments with patients; given Bots have access through apps like Practo. In case doctors are overbooked, intelligent automation can ask for a few patient details to prioritize the appointments. Rule-based Next Best Action (NBA), can extend support in blocking the operation theatres for surgeries, notify anesthetists and issue pre-surgical patient packs to avoid time delays.

The bot can help Investors in their daily script monitoring, reporting, charting, and readouts. Let’s assume the Bot is able to compile the stock holding position for the day, and provide a summary readout on performing stocks while you are on the go, and connected through your infotainment, that’s amazing! Learning (ML) buying patterns and allocation of funds in different sectors, can advise through augmented intelligence the right time to pick or sell a stock based on historical transactions. It can also interject your emotional buying or selling decisions, prompting evidence where such transactions proved success and failures. We can leverage Computer Vision (CV) in reading charts and trends, and suggest holding time for the stocks. In short, it acts as a sounding board to advise through enhanced learning and insights on data.

With rapid Industrialization, technology clusters around the metros, and migration of knowledge workers outside India, leaving behind parents in the safe custody of old age homes and retirement communities, Buddy Bot is an easy connection to their families by voice command. Buddy Bot can help them to be compliant with their medical routines, health checkups, and manage their health records. The Bot can provide them with dietary guidance, and supports emotional well-being through entertainment and music. It can share daily data feeds with their children to ascertain the health and wellbeing of their parents as well.

Today, the Full-stack of AI platforms and services offered by AWS, Azure, Google comes with ready-to-use adapters and plug-ins, join-up apps with microservice architectures, a plethora of training data sets, and low code iPaas platforms offer endless possibilities to be able to deliver outcomes. Buddy Bot does not end there, rather it helps improve productivity, provides advice, and supports your emotional well-being. All we need is a potential idea, and then AI and ML can make it possible, while marketplace and app stores promote faster realization. Definition of Done is a ‘Commitment delivered’.

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