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Decillion Devices Virtualizing the Network Edge

Vinai Kolli, CEO, Decillion,,

The networking world today is witnessing a paradigm shift. With the adoption of smart gadgets that operate in an autonomous manner to build intelligent networks, the cloud is getting tightly coupled with the consumer network edge for sophisticated services offering. This is further supported by the rising Internet speeds that allow near real-time service delivery from cloud. To secure and manage all the connected endpoints, organizations inadvertently end up complicating the network edge by deploying multiple wireless, IoT and security controllers, that come at huge costs. Decillion Devices, a Hyderabad based startup, with deep expertise in networking technologies, focuses on bringing simplicity to the edge by virtualizing IoT devices, and adopting a software-centric approach towards network deployment. With their virtual edge solutions, Decillion Devices is working towards eliminating the need to deploy expensive on-premise hardware, and instead host the same as virtual instances in the cloud.

CloudQb Edge Solutions
CloudQb, the flagship solution of Decillion Devices, enables virtualization of edge networks and facilitates last-mile network management through a secure portal hosted in cloud. CloudQb consists of a physical low-cost CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) that resides at customer’s edge network and virtual controllers that are hosted in the cloud. While the CPEs are responsible for cloud-enabling the edge networks, the virtual controllers facilitate on-demand network management via the CPEs. The solution is hardware-platform and OS agnostic, and protects the entire communication to cloud within secure VPN tunnels. It is architected to support network scaling and can seamlessly manage devices ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands, making the solution very attractive for all market Decillion Devices segments including enterprises, smart retail stores, Industrial IoT and connected fleet segments.

Decillion Devices has currently made virtual controllers available for Firewall, VPN and Wi-Fi management, allowing organizations to replace their expensive security gateways and WLAN Controllers with a single CPE at the edge and manage their geographically dispersed networks through a common pool of virtual controllers. With CloudQb, organizations now also overcome the need to purchase additional appliances once the current deployed set exhaust the limit of devices they can manage. With a centralized and virtualized approach, CloudQb allows organizations and service providers to remotely manage and troubleshoot networks, preventing expensive truck rolls. Any new service update is instantly made available across all subscribed networks.

Building network intelligence with Microsoft Azure The connected devices today are not only data consumers, but are the producers of huge volumes of data. These data can be processed to generate valuable information about the devices and networks and enable organizations to take informed business decisions for building intelligent connected ecosystems.

To facilitate such use cases, Decillion Devices, in partnership with Microsoft, has integrated CloudQb with the IoT stack of Microsoft Azure Cloud: IoT Hub and IoT Central. This allows customers to seamlessly subscribe for AI and machine learning services available in Azure and securely send the data from all connected devices via CloudQb framework for analytics and generating business intelligence reports. Through its tight integration with Azure platform, CloudQb also allows users to manage their last-mile networks through the native Azure interfaces and CLI.

Smart Retail deployment Decillion
Devices has partnered with a pre-eminent retail edge hardware manufacturer from China to design and deploy smart retail solutions across lobbies and kitchens of chain stores. These edge devices are integrated with temperature sensors, humidity sensors, cameras with facial recognition technology and sound detectors to capture various aspects of the shop floor and send the data to the cloud for deep analysis. The intelligence gathered from the data will help the stores in reducing the operating costs by eliminating physical patrols and increasing employee productivity by saving on the man-hours.

Value-added partnership with Lanner Electronics
To further strengthen its business in India, Decillion Devices has partnered with Lanner Electronics Inc., a premier OEM from Taiwan. Partnership with a top-notch hardware company uniquely positions Decillion Devices to integrate its intelligent edge software on sophisticated network platforms and develop ‘ready to sell’ products that are highly secure, future proof and customized to local market needs, at highly competitive rates. Decillion Devices is also the official distributor of Lanner hardware in India, enabling customers to either purchase barebone Lanner devices locally or with integrated CloudQb software. Decillion Devices’ focus for the next business quarter will be towards further enhancing the edge virtualization architecture to stay on top of the ever-evolving market demands. In the coming months, the company’s edge portfolio is going to include virtual controllers for advanced threat management, surveillance cameras, and drones. The integration of CloudQb with long-range sensors based on LoRa and Sub-1 GHz technologies will open opportunities in digital farming sectors. In terms of providing value-added services through CloudQb, Decillion Devices is all set to bring analytics to the edge, enabling data intelligence at the source for industries deployed in remote locations with limited bandwidth, especially manufacturing and energy sectors.

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