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How can the organization capitalize opportunities in this era of data growth?

Sanjay Dutt, CEO India Operations & Private Funds, Ascendas-Singbridge

An unprecedented increase in digital evolution and the rapid pace of digital trends has accelerated the volume, speed and variety in unstructured market information as "Big Data" resulting in a great opportunity for various enterprises to harness their business efficiently. With these innovative technologies, regular business processes are becoming increasingly automated and is improving business operations.

Corporations and governments alike are moving towards efficient and flexible technology solutions by adopting cloud, virtualisation and also running their operations through cloud service providers, colocations and web hosting cloud data centres, propelling the use of data centre facilities. The government too, in the recent budget has emphasized the importance of creating a cloud warehouse that will safely store enormous amounts of digital data paving the way for developers to focus on developing such infrastructure for business growth.

A data center is the coming together of technology and real estate and India promises to be a market that will witness rapid growth in the data center business. Through the Digital India programme, the government has plans to connect 1 billion Indians via internet penetration and efficient delivery of services electronically. These ambitious targets mean enormous opportunities for the Data centre business and will in turn drive attention on newer trends like cloud computing and virtualization. Further the deregulation and liberalization of telecommunications laws and policies has helped this industry grow and prompted rapid growth for internet and data centres.

Data security is of utmost importance. Information security processes and policies typically involve physical and digital security measures to protect data from unauthorized access, use, replication or destruction. Data breaches are now a clear and

present danger, potentially leading to serious financial loss and reputational damage. All industries, including real estate, are under pressure to step up cyber security due to the business and regulatory risk it presents.

The use of intelligent systems help in efficient allocation of critical resources, improved services, enhanced customer experience and cost saving

While data encryption is a popular topic, it is just one of many techniques and technologies that can be used to implement a tiered data security strategy. Steps to secure data involve understanding applicable threats, aligning appropriate layers of defense and the continual monitoring of activity logs. Technology and innovation offers great opportunities to improve. In this age of digital transformation, technological innovations are transforming the way we manage our infrastructure and carry out operations. The use of intelligent systems help in efficient allocation of critical resources, improved services, enhanced customer experience and cost saving. Such systems include smart Wi-Fi, parking, lighting, traffic analytics, smart sensors and waste management, and a control center to monitor and manage the operations with greater efficiency and effectiveness. Such systems can automate processes, which can help minimize waste and increase productivity.

Most buildings have some level of intelligence built in, whether HVAC,lighting, or fire safety. But today, it’s possible to harness building data for better decision making by adopting Internet of Things(IOT),mobile devices and big data. Smart Buildings are integrating devices that control, monitor and manage all building types into the IOT. Becoming data-centric is key for the industry to add value and drive efficiency in performance. There is also a shift towards integrated design to optimize how buildings, infrastructure and utilities are planned, designed, built and managed.

Data centers are the enabling and sustaining core element that allows information technology to drive the rapid digital transformation taking place. As the IT industry gears up for digital transformation,the momentum of technology change such as Internet of Things(IOT),Augmented reality(AR),Virtual reality(VR)requires data centers that are not just scalable but also cost efficient. In such a scenario,the importance of data centers haves grown manifold. These converging technologies are pushing the data center to operate at a much higher level of integration and efficiency.

For the business to exploit the rapidly evolving cloud, mobile, social, analytics and security technologies, data centers are making a shift to a dynamic, hybrid infrastructure, where public and private clouds operate seamlessly.

As the demand for big data, cloud computing, and digital services and products continues to grow, data centers are being asked to do more, which creates the need for more bandwidth, computing power,and live and offline storage. As a result, the demand for new data centers have gone up in recent years a trend that will certainly continue into the next several years.

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