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How IT Industry Is Grappling With Coronavirus

SuroorWijdan, Founder, Xencov Software

SurrorWijdan completed Master of Computer Science from Guru Gobind Singh IndraprasthaUniveristy and thereafter worked as Software Engineer, Full Stack Tech Lead, Lead Software Engineer and CTO of ThinkU. While being the founder of Xencov Software, presently he is also developing gaming products, working as entrepreneur.

The IT industry has always had the intention of helping in a greater good for mankind. However, there are some situations where there is resistance in the normal routine of human beings causing turmoil in the daily lives of everyone. One such outbreak is known as COVID-19 (Coronavirus)has taken over the world where the majority of countries including India are grappling with this pandemic at the moment.

What started as the viral outbreak in China has spread across all continents, affecting the lives and routines of people all over the world including India. The virus Covid-19 is an unfortunate reality that can be disastrous if taken lightly and can result in the deaths of thousands of people across the globe. The coronavirus has now been spread in more than 100 countries and territories.

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to wreak havoc on markets and all industries including IT industry pan India, businesses are now facing significant and unique challenges, disrupting supply chains, the closing of factories and retail stores, etc. It has put the Indian IT Industry in such a tight spot that the companies should consider responsive actions to help minimize their risk and prepare themselves to deal with the fallout from the coronavirus. The rising speed of the coronavirus epidemic is making almost all tech companies large and small, prompting to restrict travel, cancellation of major conferences and impose work-from-home orders to avoid the spread

in employees as the only way to restrict the spread of the coronavirus is isolation, social distancing and breaking the normal routines of going out for work and leisure.

Here are some ways how the IT Industry is grappling with this pandemic:
Work from Home – As they say, the show must go on, the people need money in terms of salary to keep themselves free of debt, there is work to be done. Because of the severity of this pandemic, most of the IT companies are now allowing their employees to work from home as a precautionary measure as it encourages social distancing which is highly required to stop the spread of coronavirus. It also lets people avoid travelling and keep themselves isolated in their homes without affecting their work.

Follow up of Distributed Workflow Management–With daily stand-ups and sprint planning. Nowadays technology has progressed so much that one can easily reach another in many ways. There are a number of online platforms that can be used for team meetings, work follow-ups and time management. IT companies are working the same way in the current situation, with the available platforms they organize daily standup meetings for follow up of distributed workflow management and product backlog items and keep up with planning & communication.

As they say, the show must go on, the people need money in terms of salary to keep themselves free of debt, there is work to be done. Because of the severity of this pandemic, most of the it companies are now allowing their employees to work from home

Outsourcing IT Operations – In some cases, many IT companies are outsourcing their IT operations by hiring offshore IT resources. This may speed up their processes which are suffering because of the unavailability of existing staff due to the pandemic.

Cloud-based Team software for communication – Communication helps in multiplying the efficiency of the team and the company. It improves the over all process of working and helps in collaboration among the team members. The cloud-based team software offers a robust way to stay connected, improve overall productivity and improved productivity means improved workflow. The team can use chat, make audio and video calls, share files and keep the workflow as normal as they work from their traditional office.

Versioning tools like Git – Effective collaboration between team members of different domains working together is important for an organization to carry its operations effectively. Git allows software engineers to work and share code with their team on the fly while maintaining different versions.

Coronavirus is a serious outbreak that must be dealt with extreme caution. There may be some solutions in the coming months but for now, what all industries can do is wait and watch, encourage isolation and social distancing by supporting total lockdown. Stay Home Stay Safe!

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