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Latest Technology Trends In Business Intelligence

By Sandiip Kothaari, Head Information Technology, Prince Pipes and Fittings Limited

A result-oriented leader and engineering principal, Sandiip is pioneering and managing complex IT solution design in Consumer Goods, Retail, Hospitality Food & Beverage, and manufacturing industries. Leveraging over two decades of requirements and infrastructure analysis expertise, he drives business development, innovation and retention to customer-focused success.

BI Business Intelligence is process which includes strategies and technology used by organization for data analysis of business information. It transforms raw data into useful information, in this process Data is gathered, standardized, organized and then presented to the users. Common functions of business intelligence technologies include reporting, online analytical processing, analytics, data mining, process mining, complex event processing, business performance management, bench marking, text mining, predictive analytics and analytics. BI plays important role in decision making and strategies planning. Once data received through bi process, we can develop different views which help all kind

of departments in organization. It helps organization to analyse company production, sales, employee management, finance, accounts, customer outstanding, vendor payment, trading and purchase items.

BI technologies provide BI tools and methods which helps developers, analysts and users to analysed data. There are multiple tools in the market for data analysis as per requirements which used to create live reports, dashboards to represent data graphically & dynamically. BI technology is design in such way that it handles large amount of data and provides multiple views which is used to identify competitive market advantage and long-term stability.

BI provides historical, current and predictive view of business operations which is useful for organization sales planning, comparison and target creation

It provides different types of reporting like parameterized, live reports and dashboards which help organization to analyse daily sales, production, balance and payments, etc. Based on that, the organization can create production planning, keep eyes on employee work, downtime management and items production. BI provides historical, current and predictive view of business operations which is useful for organization sales planning, comparison and target creation. It also provides auto mail subscriptions alert mails and daily basis reports which are useful for customers, vendors and Sales persons for order and payment confirmations and daily analyses. It provides self-services reporting which helps users to create reports as per their requirements. It’s useful to analyse organization budget utilization which is important for finance management.

Here are few examples of Bi Tools like MSBI is a Business Intelligence tools which is collection of Tools consist of SSIS, SSRS and SASS. Power BI, Tableau, Oracle, etc. which is used by developers and end users. BI process is completely computer – based or automated no manual interaction is present with the involvements of developers, analysts, and managers.

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