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Mechanized Cleaning: Clearing More Room for Productivity

Jatinder Kaul, Managing Director, Kärcher India

Importance of mechanized cleaning over transitional cleaning
Cleanliness is next to godliness because it is defined to be an emblem of purity of mind. Research has proved that there is a correlation between clean surroundings and physical/mental health. Hence, it becomes of utmost importance that whether it’s home or a commercial space, the indoors must be kept clean and disinfected. However, investing hours in efficient cleaning becomes overwhelming in today's fast-paced lives. Mechanized cleaning has become the need of the hour today. For commercial spaces, it becomes quite easier for the staff to perform the task with uniformity across the surface.

Firstly, let’s understand - What is mechanized cleaning?

Mechanized cleaning is the process of removing debris/spills from residential, as well as, commercial complexes like - offices, hotels/motels, factories, educational institutions and other corporates with the latest technologies and procedures.

Want to know how mechanized cleaning is beneficial over transitional cleaning?

Let’s have a look:

1.Easier process: Transitional cleaning needs prepping time before we start with the cleaning process. Right from arranging a cloth, to detergent, to manual efforts, what not! Everything has to be put together appropriately, and even then, spotless cleaning is not guaranteed. In comparison to transitional cleaning, mechanical cleaning is an easier process. One has to simply plug into an electrical socket, press the start button and revolve the machinery on the surface that needs to be cleaned. The results are enthralling without any hustle and bustle.

2.Efficient: Time is money! Mechanized cleaning truly abides by this rule. Mechanized cleaning is capable of cleaning a particular space in a shorter period of time.

3.Lowers the risk of cross-contamination: Did you know more than 50 percent of infections are spread through cross contamination? With every pass, dirt and contaminants from the floor adhere to the mop and then are put back into the bucket, and then further reintroduced to the floor during the water/detergent cycle. Dust, pollens, germs, and excess humidity still remain inside a room which bring a serious impact on the people present there. But the mechanized cleaning combines high suction power with manoeuvrability and flexibility. For allergy sufferers and the ones who face bacterial and viral issues or are pet owners alike, mechanized cleaning is the perfect solution as the risk of contamination is largely reduced.

With sophisticated Lithium-ion battery technology, mechanized cleaners are energy efficient

4. Sustainable: Sustainability is no more just about the environment it’s a way of life that thinks about utilizing resources in the right manner. With sophisticated Lithium-ion battery technology, mechanized cleaners are energy efficient. It also needs minimal water and can provide refine cleaning without any use of chemicals. Less water + fewer chemicals = Sustainable Cleaning! Yes, less is more!

5.Versatile: Mechanized cleaning is not just efficient, but it is versatile too. Whether it's floors, garden interiors, carpets, curtains, blinds, windows, or shades, the state-of-the-art equipment take charge of every dust, debris, and spills.

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