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RFID: Playing a Crucial Role in Digitization

Amit Jaokar, EVP - IT, Choice International

RFID stands for Radio Frequency identification. It is getting popular in many organizations across the world as they track & trace products, material/assets flow. RFID’s captures the information from RF tags through radio frequency roughly around the radius of 3 meters & unique thing about this technology is it doesn’t require the direct line of sight.

A huge benefit of RFID gadgets over barcode devices is that the RFID device does not need to be

positioned exactly relative to the scanner. We’re all acquainted with the difficulty that saves checkout assistants always has in making sure that a barcode may be studied. And obviously, credit cards and ATM cards should be swiped thru a unique reader.

In contrast, RFID devices will work within a few feet (up to 3 meters for high frequency devices) of the scanner. For example, you may simply put all of your groceries or purchases in a bag, and set the bag on the scanner. It would be able to query all of the RFID devices and total your purchase immediately.

This can be used effectively in many fields and can put a lot of mundane work into autopilot. It will bring huge advantage for warehouses wherein by putting RFID’s on all material process like Inward / Outward / counting will be a minute’s job. Just have to walk through the entire warehouse with the sensor device & all the desired data will be in at your fingertips within no time.

Similarly, this can do wonders in Supply chain, Tracking the flow of goods can be managed with ease. It will improve quality & transparency of data across the supply chain. At the same time, it will increase the accuracy & decrease the time spent on taking the inventory. Further, this technology can be used as a good tool as an Inventory management resource. It can also be used in corporate organizations to track all its assets. Most companies invested in RFID technology only use the tags to track items within their control; many of the benefits of RFID come when items are tracked from company to company or from country to country.

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