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Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor

You’re in a hurry. You need a ride to your destination. Ever called a cab and waited for a good 20 - 30 minutes, only to realize the cabbie cancelled out on you; or took a ride for 2 kilometers and paid 100-150 Rupees? The experiences are unpleasant with equally underwhelming interiors of the cabs. One might as well call it a logistics truck. Uber entered and revolutionized the very locomotion of people across the surface of the earth. And likewise, Ola fixed the issue within the

country. Now, that’s all to it. The idea was potential and the market was ripe. The harvest was made and the crops were collected. Now every newbie that has entered this space thinking they’ll make it big has not really lived up to the word ‘big’. Let’s face it, the reason incumbents always die and even Rome fell, is entropy - the lack of order or predictability in the natural world that ultimately leads to disorder. It is one of the governing forces of our world, and it certainly applies to business. The world is full of randomness. Red hair, blue eyes, lactose intolerant - these are all mutations. Something random and unexpected happened and we ‘evolved’ because of it. Traits that promote survival prevail, others eventually die out.

So is the episode with startups. It’s all about the idea, obviously. Idea plugged in the right industry can lead to the stars or reduce to dust. Today, more than ever, it is important to look up to disrupting and exciting newcomers who are finding niches in established markets and forcing change and/or social impact on the existing infrastructures of corporate cultures and companies.

This edition of CIO Insider is throwing light on few startups that have mastered several areas of technology, respectively to serve a particular in the best way possible. We bring you 10 Most Recommended Technology Startups, to suit your business needs.

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