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The Tussle Between Me as a Human and Me as a Technologist!

Arvind Singh,Head –Mobility, Future Group india

I find myself very lucky to be part of the generation who has seen and is seeing the historic digital transformation from the day of posting hand written postcards that used to take weeks, to video calls which is live and just a touch away. The technology has touched and transformed everyone’s life, disrupted the market forcing it for global consolidation driven by customer’s value, experience and convenience.

One part of me as a common sensitive human around feels
The flip side is the thought leaders putting their brains out, seating in artificially conditioned offices inside the concrete jungles with weather outside behaving extreme and becoming often unpredictable racing to create miracles by driving technology innovations leading to the era of digital disruption, making human skills scarce, increasing the gap between who can afford and who can’t even dream and draining out natural resources on the verge of extinction will be dream for the generations to come. Though I am excited as a technologist to foresee the future where we are headed too, but sometimes feel scared as a Human!
Automation, Security, Data Science, Big Data, Deep/ Gray Analytics, ChatBots, AI, ML, Augmented/ Virtual/Mixed Reality, Robotics, IoT, Blockchain and many more. It’s now no more about building applications but innovation to connect everything at a speed with higher agility. Questions that might come to the majority of minds around:

• Where is this digital word really headed to and are we not getting surrounded by too much Technology?
• Will human intelligence still rule the roost as it is the creator or will it become slave to technology that he himself has created to make life easy?
• Do we really care and bother for the basic needs of the generations to come?
• Will we be left with enough muscles and power in our bones to be in control of life, or will it be just the brain working and let all the work left to the robots?

The rat race of digital transformation does need very thoughtful re-thinking, maintaining ethics and applying common sense to bring actual value in solving real life problems for human mankind! Caring for all raw data and storing it forever; isn't it actually ‘Data Overloading’?
Is there any sense of applying ‘Data Science’ on all the data organization has or can grab from different sources, hardly of use, rather applying it on the size really making sense or which has some information to drive business decisions?
Digital disruption has made companies/organizations vulnerable- Even if they have been stable and durable in past and present. But have been not volatile enough to explore more viable options to be future ready! Innovation is driven by experiments but experiments have a cost- Organizations should be open to bear the cost if they really want to drive innovation.

The other part of me, being a Technologist, feels
Why human should waste his energy and time in mundane work?

Why most of the tedious work can’t be automated so mankind is left for better jobs to do and has time to enjoy the precious life along with the nature and the loved ones?

Why artificial intelligence can’t use technology and science around to detect the problems before human or the doctor finds it when it becomes too late?

We should always realize that all the digital disruption and technology evolution that has taken place in transportation, communication, commerce, health, medicine etc. has made our life more convenient and connected.
Digital is all about Timing, Trust and Comfort, unless it’s there, there would be adoption challenges. We have seen in past that you can build the best technology but if it’s not in time or not adoptable due to trust gap, it will have tough time and will have to wait and review to survive.

Data is the new fuel for any organization that gives it an edge in this competitive market. Data from various resources i.e. the data universe is a great opportunity for value creation through Data Transformation but it does require:

• ‘Art’ to understand it
• ‘Technology’ to churn it, and
• Science to derive intelligence out of it that makes real business sense Only with the help of Artificial Intelligence aka AI, we will be able to understand, churn and transform these complex data universe to take advantage and extract value to make real business sense.

These advanced technologies are set to dramatically reshape industries, markets, businesses, our society and daily lives, with recent breakthroughs in quantum computing it is slated to get better. From agriculture, manufacturing and city infrastructure to the human body itself, the digital revolution is reaching every corner of our experience triggering a paradigm-shift. With all these advanced human centric technologies taking over the tedious jobs, individuals and society would evolve for a healthier, more sustainable life, taking sustained breaks or opting a work parttime to re-skill or respond to care commitments. As the change is inevitable, the more that a country or company can articulate the future, the less anxious people will feel about it and only the top leaders and sr. management needs to take this responsibility to guide this change.

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