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"Adopting Google Tech Must be the Next Age of Transformation"

Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor

Nowadays, in the digital era, when we hear or read of something unknown, instantly we Google search it. Filtering the most relevant or cent percent accurate results, Google bookmarks the best links by optimizing its search engine. What more could we have expected from it? Over bowing to the expectations, Google introduced G Suite. G Suite which includes cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools, software, and products manufactured by Google has more than 5 million organizations under its umbrella. For personal usage, G Suite is preferred by 50 million users and the curve is never-ending. The latest is that the US Army adopted Google recently.

Businesses at present are involving complicated processes to maintain integrity in the virtual world, whereby Google is considered to be a key player in connecting businesses worldwide. The recent development suggests Google is engrossed in creating machine learning, computer vision, natural language understanding through various AI forms. AI is the powerhouse of the latest Google products which adds the smart text compositions in Gmail. Predicting the forthcoming phrases/words, this feature has become popular among Gmail users as it is easy to give responses. Also, Google has introduced version 3.0 of its Tensor Processor Unit, which is a chipset specially designed for tackling data loaded AI tasks.

Simplifying marketing, Google has solutions for digital marketing which was introduced in 2006. The surge for Google solutions is to a level where companies are introducing Google technology solutions for the businesses to amplify business process, products to reach customers and simplify solutions.

Therefore, in the time when the industrial needs for Google technology are rising and they are searching for benevolent Google technology service providers (needed mostly during the lockdown to rise business productivity), this edition of the CIO Insider is focused on the Google Technology Solution Providers. These vendors a certainly our top choices when it comes understanding the how and what of Google Tech implementations.

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