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Aesthetics is a Significant Part of Smart Cities

Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

India is on a roll with infrastructure development in the country, thanks to several insightful initiatives, including PM Gati Shakti, the national master plan for multimodal connectivity to the fast tracking metro & smart city development. Gati Shakti is widely regarded as a panacea to solve the lack of coordination between different Departments which caused a myriad of hindrances in infrastructure development. For example, once a road was constructed, other agencies dug up the constructed

road again for activities like laying underground cables, gas pipelines, etc. This not only caused great inconvenience but was also a wasteful expenditure. The government had put efforts in place to increase coordination and avoid silos so that all cables, pipelines, etc. could be laid simultaneously. Addressing the issues like the time taking approval process, multiplicity of regulatory clearances, etc. has also been a priority.It all starts from conceiving the fact that aesthetics is a predominant aspect of creating smart cities.

On the other hand, smart cities should also mean better connectivity and, in turn, smarter road infrastructure to and from the city. Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, is concocting a silent revolution in Road development. According to the data divulged by the NHAI, the annual average construction of national highways has recorded an 83 percent spike compared to the pace of highway construction before Gadkari's time. The numbers show that the annual average construction of highways was 4,918KM during 2009-2014, which implies 13KM per day. Against this, India is now constructing 37 KMs of national highways per day!

So what changed?The answer to this question lies in the government's tech-savvy mindset that triggered a complete digital transformation of infrastructure projects. The technology-advantage in engineering has also helped significantly.

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