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AI Startups Must Shoot the Right Problems

Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor

The pipeline for high caliber ‘been there, done that’ sort of founders has been growing by the scores while taking the startup plunge with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tech in India. At the same time, startups with shallow applications of AI are quickly finding out that investors and clients alike have become more discerning.

For instance, Zoogaad raised USD500,000 back in 2014 to provide personalized news powered by AI. But, unlike Toutiao in China, it did little to push the boundary beyond Google alerts, and had to shut down.

At the other end of the spectrum is Bangalore-based SigTuple, which ticks most of the boxes for the new wave of promising AI startups coming out of India. SigTuple applies AI-powered analytics to visual medical data, such as blood smear slides that go under a microscope. This improves the speed and accuracy of diagnosis.

In this edition too, we have given the stage to few startups that have served the AI domain with due reverence. AIBridge ML has built an artificial intelligence enabled document extraction tool named AIMunshi. By leveraging AIMunshi invoice automation tool, users will be able to seamlessly process and transfer data across file systems and documents. This could further allow the workforce to concentrate on core processes and functions, accelerate processes, and enhance customer service. hethi is another participant in our list. hethi’s iris platfrom has the ability to acquire data from unstructured PDF, Excel, EDI, IOT Devices and cognitive transformation of them to desired business process on demand. hethi’s iris is helping enterprises to transform business process through Cognitive AI without OCR. RadomeTech’s LogiSmart is an AI based Supplychain & Logistics software solution. Our organisation will identify and comprehend the complexity of data involved in supply chain & Logistics and will implement necessary arrangements to originate the valuable insights. It has unique features to identify the most complicated historic demand pattern considering all factors responsible and forecast precisely than any statistical models.

The market is ripe for startups if they shoot the right problems. This edition is dedicated to those who shot the right ones.

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