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Digital Transformation- Because Simply Adapting is not Enough

Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor

In 2014, Disney launched multi-coloured RFID wristbands called MagicBands, for guests visiting the Disney World resort. These bands were linked to the company’s guest management system named MyMagic+. MagicBands allowed guests to self-manage their entire customer experience during their stay using the band. It enabled them to make payments, manage reservations, access hotel rooms and enable staff to deliver a highly personalized experience. The app allowed guests to link their hotel reservations, credit cards, park tickets and personal details to their wristband.

How about some Pizza? A few years into business, Domino’s changed the company’s entire ethos, transforming it from a fast food business into a company imbued with programming hires, digital marketers, and other tech personnel.

The entire corporate structure was also revised and the focus shifted towards digital sales and advertising. It was crucial that everyone at the top, from the Board of Directors to the CEO, was on board. Thanks to Dom the Pizza bot, customers can now order from whatever channel they choose (Slack, Facebook Messenger, the Company’s mobile app, on Twitter with the use of emojis, Google Assistant & Alexa, Smart TVs).

These practices help to make the user experience more fun and less frictionless. Listening to clients’ feedbacks and embracing the digital, permitted Domino’s to be crowned the largest pizza company in the world and to finally pass its old rival Pizza Hut. Therefore, there is no surprise that today four-fifths of Domino’s sales come from digital channels.

Point being, even giants had to set aside their traditional ways of business and rigid structures to flourish and grow. Digital Transformation has always been the de facto answer to ‘what’s next’ for every growing organization. However, successful digital transformation takes both broad vision and attention to detail. This edition is dedicated to those enablers who have analyzed the methods and identified the pitfalls, in order to deliver the best digital transformation for an aspiring firm.

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