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Farming at Fingertips!

Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

Remember the days when you had to visit multiple retail shops in order to purchase, well, anything? Beyond enabling the experience of wandering through the aisles on your smartphone, the major aspect that helped the e-commerce industry to really take off was the doorstep delivery and an option to return the product without any questions asked.

When you infuse an industry like agriculture with technology, it’s important that we take notes from

the success of the e-commerce industry. Whole idea needs to be carefully built around drastically turning around the customer’s convenience and experience. In a nutshell, merely providing information about different kinds of crops and climates wouldn’t cut it.

The Indian agritech industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~32.0 percent till 2025. But in order to hack into these opportunities, the agritech leaders will need to have the big picture in mind and focus on providing the comprehensive, world class experience the farming community deserves. From delivering farm inputs at the doorsteps to farm management, from quality management & traceability to tech enabled supply chain & output market linkages, and financial services, farming community needs have everything at their fingertips. The influx of funds to the sector so far is also skewed towards startups serving these five sectors.

The credit goes to the budding entrepreneurs in the domain. But with a turnover of $204 million, India's agritech sector is at under one percent of its market potential today. Going forward, the farming community expects nothing less than a comprehensive approach from the agritech industry that includes everything from advanced Farm Analytics to Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS). This issue is about a bunch of leaders who are the torchbearers of this approach and triggering the much anticipated take off of the industry.

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