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Hospitality Industry needs To Get up and Walk Again

Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor

Not so long ago, the Indian hospitality industry couples with tourism was one of the key segments driving the growth of the services sector in the Indian economy. And while Covid-19 and the resultant lockdown brought things to a standstill for a while, the hospitality industry is taking stock and reinventing themselves to successfully revive the sector in the post Covid world.

The hospitality industry is extremely competitive, and it is important for businesses operating within it to keep up with the latest trends, in order to avoid being left behind. Furthermore, keeping pace with the wider industry is one of the ways owners can help to ensure their business is delivering an excellent customer experience.

Another trend that those in the hospitality industry are getting to grips with is the desire for tourists or travellers to enjoy local experiences. Many people do not simply want to experience a life similar to their own, but in a different location. Instead, they want to experience the authentic way of life in the location they visit.

Businesses in the hospitality industry are responding to this, in order to cater for these demands. Hotels might provide local products, while other options like Airbnb and farmhouse accommodation can off era more authentic guest experience. Moreover, travel agents and tour operators can help travellers to take part in local activities.

There several more trends and options that every player in the hospitality segment can adopt to get back on track and get running. Most of which has been discussed and offered by vendors featured in this edition.

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