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Internet of Opportunities

Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

We are almost at the end of the tunnel. As far as the retail industries are concerned, the pandemic was the closest thing to the ‘snap-of-Thanos’, turning a huge chunk of businesses across the globe to dust. But the technology industry, especially the digital one, manifested resilience like never before and came through in a stunning fashion. It also means that the year ahead, after having adjoined another dimension of technology

inevitability, is going to unleash the Internet of Opportunities – like never before. An IDC report states that around 65 percent of global GDP is going to be digitized by 2022, driving $6.8 trillion of IT spending from 2020 to 2023.

A large chunk of sum will be earmarked for bolstering the connected technologies, and in turn paving the way for future. Hybrid cloud coupled with IoT is going to power the post pandemic tech-trends like Internet of Behaviors, which revolves around the idea of amalgamating data from both the digital and physical worlds to influence market behaviors through feedback loops, and Total Experience, which refers to mandating employee experience as another dimension of (customer) experience delivery through Intelligent Digital Workspaces.

With 5G rollout around the corner, the edge computing is also set to become a top priority in the year ahead; not to mention Hyperautomation and AI Engineering. Above all, to combat security threats that have grown exponentially with the remote workforce model, Cybersecurity mesh, which allows the identity of a person or thing to define the security perimeter, is also expected to become a significant point of focus. The key, however, is to conceive these trends while going forward. In an endeavor to feature some of the top technology firms that have been primed to do so, we have come up with our special yearly issue of ‘Tech Companies of the Year – 2020’.

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