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Little things Make a World of Difference

Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

We live in a competitive, convenience focused digital era. Here the lion's share of the market no longer wants to take long, exhaustive walks to the high street to buy items. We all want to shop from the comfort of our homes. In the aftermath, selling goods and services has become a much easier process as you don’t need a traditional street side brick storefront. All you need is to setup a good internet connection, a domain name and a website.

But given the competitive nature of the marketplace, these alone don’t guarantee a success story. It would be best if you had an attractive user interface to present your offerings in a way that gets your customers to open their wallets.

Today the digital marketplace has come a long way from its beginning. Customers today do not just want to buy products and services, but they are looking for over whelming comprehensive purchase experiences. Lenskart offering 3D virtual trial service to their eye wear customers using Augmented Reality, and Nike’s new app using AR to measure their customers’ feet to sell them sneakers that fit, are examples of recognizing this need and delivering on it.

Entrepreneurs in the UI/UX business can take a lesson or two from here. In fact, beyond AR and other technology interventions and providing personalized experience using AI and Data Analytics, attention to detail could go a long way in delivering exceptional user experiences. From advanced cursor interactions to dark mode, micro interactions, clean user interfaces, gaming experiences, and responsive designs, little big things could make a whole world of difference to the user experience. In this issue, we shed light on a bunch of UI/UX design companies that could help you achieve this. Do let us know your thoughts.

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