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Marketing & Experience Are Still Kings

Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

Indian eye wear e+retailer, was one of the early entrants into the commercial AR space, introducing ‘3D Try On’, a feature that shows you what a frame looks like on your face. Besides the obvious benefits of the tech advantage for both B & C, something that worked well through these initiatives is that it paved the way for extensive

marketing campaigns. Well, it doesn’t just end with novel customer experience technologies. Over the past decade, marketing has undergone a paradigm shift.

Gone are the days when marketing professionals worked off assumptions or gut feelings. Today, marketers turn to the most reliable source of information: Customer data. By now, we all know that Data helps to gain better clarity about the target audience and equips organizations with the ability to build stronger connections with potential customers.Most importantly, when the entire consumer market demands unique experiences with every transaction, marketers can offer consumers personalized suggestions relevant to them. This leads to higher conversion rates, greater customer loyalty, more new customers, increased customer satisfaction and more.

However, the challenges are equal to it. Having a large number of data sources at your disposal makes pulling the relevant data together an arduous challenge. Nonetheless, investing in an inhouse data team would be an excellent place to start. Let me wind up with these amazing words from Edwards Deming, the father of modern day quality management, "In God we trust all others must bring data".

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