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Operational & Business Benefits Of VMware Technologies

Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor

VMware is a virtualization and cloud computing software provider founded in 1998 at California, USA. Initially acquired by EMC Corporation in 2004, was later acquired by Dell Technologies in 2016. VMware is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies till date. Simply put a virtualization software enables hardware elements of a single computer such as processors, memory and storage to be divided into multiple Virtual machines (VM’s). Each virtual machine acts as an independent computer running in its own operating system, even though it is actually running on a portion of the original computer hardware.

Access to work at anytime, anywhere has become a basic need of business operations nowadays. It is especially relevant now as the entire world is grappling with the Coronavirus pandemic. Hence, virtualization and cloud services are essential adaptations in order to stay ahead of the curve. VM ware offers a wide variety of products from networking and security management tools to software defined datacenters, all the way up to cloud storage software. A large number of IT firms are incorporating VMware services in their business operations.

With products such as VMware Horizon FLEX, Workstation and Fusion, IT teams can deliver on the business’s operation and technical needs, at the same time maintain complete functionality and control of nearly any x86-based operating system. With VMware virtual machines, the hardware resources are ‘abstracted’ from the physical system, making that complete operating system portable, scalable and secure. This gives business users and IT firms the flexibility needed to stay ahead of today’s technology curve while responding to the fast-changing needs of businesses above all. VMware increases business agility in multiple ways by running Windows on a Mac without the need of rebooting, running Linux on Windows or Mac without rebooting , accessing desktop when offline and various other operational benefits. This edition throws light on the quintessential VMware solution providers of 2020. We hope this edition can serves you with the right list of vendors who can solve every Cloud requisite.

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