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Startups Are Fully Aware Now!

Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor

India has witnessed a spectacular spurt in the number of analytics startups in the last half-a-decade. Particularly, in the last one year, we have covered numerous analytics startups that are working in the areas of healthcare, fashion, real estate, agriculture, facilitating lending decisions, emotional intelligence, voice-based solutions, hybrid TV powered by AI and many more. This is also indicative of the fact that India has emerged as a startup nation, with a robust ecosystem enabling startup founders and professionals to

come up with innovative solutions in advanced analytics and kick-start their ventures.

No longer is data analytics being used in isolation but in tandem with other disruptive technologies. Last year, enterprises focused heavily on hiring and empowering data scientists to create advanced analytics and machine learning models. The hype around data and analytics has reached a fever pitch. From baseball to biomedical advances, the media highlights one money-making or money-saving corporate experience with analytics after another. Stories abound about data scientists applying their wizard like talents to find untapped markets, make millions, or save lives. Pundits have been talking up the promise of data in grand terms for several years now: Data has been described as the new oil, the new soil, the next big thing, and the force behind a new management revolution. Despite the hype, the reality is that many companies still struggle to figure out how to use analytics to take advantage of their data. In many respects, the hype surrounding the promise of analytics glosses over the hard work necessary to fulfill that promise. It is hard work to understand what data a company has, to monitor the many processes necessary to make data sufficient (accurate, timely, complete, accessible, reliable, consistent, relevant, and detailed), and to improve managers’ ability to use data.

While many startups have risen to accomplish these challenges, this edition is focusing on only the startups who have made it big with their unique propositions in 2020.

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