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Startups Surfing The Cloud Wave

Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor

India has witnessed a strong ripple of start-ups. From tech solutions and e-commerce to healthcare and food deliveries, these start-ups are being embraced more and more by Indian consumers and also attracting a substantial amount of attention from foreign shores in the form of angel investors and venture capital.

For the 50 million or so start-ups and small businesses in India, cloud computing is set to be a game changer. The need to stay a step ahead of others is what’s causing Indian companies to finally

approach cloud service providers. Moreover, cloud computing is on the brink of an explosion in India.

While there had been reluctance in adopting cloud solutions in the past, the trend is now changing. According to IDC, the cloud computing market in India stood at USD 688 million in 2012. This very figure is predicted to rise to USD 3.5 billion by 2016. An IDC survey of 473 respondents resulted in 200 opting for cloud solutions. Cloud computing and its services can give a considerable amount of boost to enterprises in terms of technological stability.

Start-up companies can store, manage, process data and use programs through a web-based interface – something that greatly reduces costs. Data stored in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere through various devices with web connectivity, which is an advantage for small companies that don’t have a huge IT budget. Cloud is not all about storage. Companies can also move their operations and applications on cloud.

With this take in mind, we at CIO Inisder have taken the liberty to present you the 10 most recommended cloud startups of 2020. These startups have done a remarkable job seizing the market demand by its throat and addressing the very pain points that businesses are screaming to mitigate: the growing data problem. I certainly think these startups deserve your attention for tad bit of the struggle SMBs are going through.

In the name of Cloud, do let us know what you think!

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