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Technology And Agriculture: A Pair Of Productivity

Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor

Agtech is making it easier than ever to collect and share data, and this is great news for farmers, landowners and investors. More robust data collection and improved data transparency can help ensure that American farmland is being maintained with care, as farmers work to sustain healthy soils and deliver strong yields, year after year.

From major equipment manufacturers’ forays into

robotics to the emergence of new startups looking to improve farmer awareness of field activity, here’s what to watch for in the year ahead.

Data is power, and its rise is fueling landowner empowerment in agriculture. Having the input receipts in hand from the past five years running is invaluable, and farmland owners are beginning to understand just how valuable it can be to have a complete view of their farmland health, especially when it comes to soil health.

With increased technology and online tools, remote landowners - those do not live near their land-are getting their first glimpse of what’s going on by numbers. Transparent data sharing can help landowners and farmers align their goals, and it can help farmland owners get a more robust understanding of what’s often a landowner’s greatest asset.

A lot has changed in the Agriculture domain of India. While technology at hands can turn the tables for the Agriculture sector of India, there are several other media that can exponentially multiple the rate of our produces. To further realize the depth of the possibilities, this edition throws light on the most innovative and advanced technology solution providers.

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