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The AI-First Everything!

Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

While people have turned to the internet for anything and everything, the machines are now reading, interpreting and learning. The enterprise realm is reaping a new world of benefits, owing thanks to a robust startup ecosystem revolving around Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML). As AI is moving to the fine tuning phase, it’s no wonder the larger enterprises are constantly in the lookout for partnership with startups

possessing strong AI backbone and often are acquiring them, investing large sums of money. It’s also exemplary the way the union government has intervened in the growth of the futuristic tech in the country.

Last October, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi wished India to become a global hub for Artificial Intelligence, while also mentioning that the ‘Responsible AI for Youth’ program launched in April 2020 has already trained more than 11,000 students on basic AI and are now building their AI projects. That’s an awe-inspiring initiative considering the prospects of AI growth in the country and demand for talent. Remember 14 percent (up from 11 percent in 2019) of total investments in the country in 2020 were in deep-tech startups, while 87 percent of all deep-tech investments were in AI/ML start-ups. The demand for talent is going to be huge.

The AI is expected to flourish across segments like creating next generation urban infrastructure, agriculture, customer experience & marketing, breaking language barriers, knowledge sharing, and addressing urban issues like: reducing traffic jams, improving sewage systems and laying energy grids among others. Needless to say, AI startups are looking at field days, what else could be a better time to come up with an issue on AI startups.

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