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The Desi Metaverse

 Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

Something that was only understood by online gamers once, the concept of the metaverse has really arrived now. The term `Metaverse' gained muscle after Mark Zuckerberg formally renamed Facebook to Meta, intending to make the metaverse a reality. We can't blame him a fully functional economy inside the virtual world, where one can exchange digital goods, digital art objects

like NFTs and many also needs assistance enhancing people's connections, discovering communities, and growing their businesses.

As blockchain offers a promising and affordable option to protect users' assets, entrepreneurs and influencers can operate their businesses in the metaverse with endless, immediate opportunities from anywhere in the world. Like most of the DeepTechs in the world, India is blessed with an abundance of talent in blockchain technology, which combines with the creative Indian artists, not to mention the country's huge market, a rare thanks to our huge population. This indeed makes Indian meta avatars, creators, and entrepreneurs a core part of the global Metaverse ecosystem.

It's a great omen that key influencers from the Indian Blockchain ecosystem have made a timely intervention by forming India Blockchain Forum. India Blockchain Forum shares a vision to make India a global hub for blockchain and Web3.0 by engaging a collaboration model with governments, Regulators, Industry, and academia to help build a holistic framework for the right adoption of blockchain and web3.0. If we play our cards right, the Indian entrepreneurs are on course for plenty of field days in the metaverse. This issue is dedicated to them. Let's dig in.

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