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There is No Go-Around with Digital Transformation


A few days ago, I submitted a request to replace my RO water purifier with the company’s new model. In fact, that’s one of many advantages of using a no-capex, subscription-based RO purifier—you can get the latest model when they update their technology. But in this case, I instantly regretted this move. Things turned for the worst when they mentioned that they were at my old address—even after I changed my address while shifting from my previous address. Indeed, their logistics team installed it at my new place. I even got it serviced once at my new place. Long story short, it took almost two weeks and several customer care calls and complaints to get my new RO installed.

It turns out they use a semi-automated system for logistics documentation and internal processes. This a perfect example of why you should have automated systems that talk to each other. It’s not only that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tackles the repetitive, manageable tasks that plague customer service representatives and helps avoid silos, but it also ensures enhancing one of the most significant drivers of the market – customer experience.

IT, merely a facilitation infrastructure a few years ago, has now transformed into a cornerstone that enables business continuity during the prevailing unfavorable business environments. The dynamic technology landscape combined with the hybrid work culture has created an imperative need to transform organizations digitally. It’s fascinating how the mindset of organizations and people towards digital transformation has transformed, especially throughout the pandemic, thanks to the benefits ranging from business continuity to ease of working and collaboration capabilities. But remember, be it the RPA deployment or a holistic digital transformation, given the investments and efforts it takes, there is no possibility of a go-around. You need to choose your technology partners wisely.

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