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  • Peter Anil Rego, Co-Promoter & Director ATC Online, Ivan Fernandes Founder & Director, Nigel Fernandes, Co-Promoter & Director ATC Online

    Peter Anil Rego, Co-Promoter & Director ATC Online, Ivan Fernandes Founder & Director, Nigel Fernandes, Co-Promoter & Director ATC Online

  • Pacifyca is an exceptional innovation in education system that introduces synergy between teachers, students, and parents. This school ERP software enables school authorities to carry out all day to day activities of the school such as ad-mission, attendance, accounts etc., making them all real time, fast, easy, efficient and accurate. It is a simple yet powerful one point integrated platform that connects all the departments of an institution. We tried to dig further into its features and functionalities. The director gave us a detailed account of their venture and how the education sector is in great need of solutions like Pacifyca.

  • Pacifyca: Delivering Technology to The Underserved Education Segment

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10 Most Recommended Education ERP Solution Providers - 2019

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  • 10 Most Recommended Education ERP Solution Providers - 2019

    Educational institutions seek measures to eradicate the piling of complex data that are multiplying day-by-day in order to manage, integrate, and streamline their academic processes. The education sector is no more a small sector but the increase in competitiveness has left the requirement of a data-driven approach. Education ERP provides a proper communication and collaboration among stakeholders to get quick feedback and transmit critical information without a delay. The Education ERP market reportedly stood at USD 5,311 million in the year 2018, and the market size is expected to grow at CAGR of +15 percent during the forecast period 2019- 2025. From a recent study, Education ERP is expected to showcase a detailed market across countries like India, China and Mexico. The increased demand in managing academic processes, student records, and various backoffice tasks is pacing the adoption of education ERPs among institutions. The need of keeping student life-cycle record, in order of address in different modules including the student management, notification, enrolment, results, etc. has at last found a solution with ERP. ERP solutions provide a centralised administrative workflow that could be operated through single machinery. An easy one-click access to the information that is stored and retrieval of that information becomes seamless. Education ERP requires high automated business process for educational institutions, and becomes necessary to protect vital data of the organisations. The cutting-edge technology that offers enhanced performance and collaboration could henceforth provide fuel the growth of Education ERP software products. This comes along with the number of academic organisations that would find it applicable and lessen their burden to stay of the curve. Education ERP sector is on the track of technological advancement by starting incorporating cloud based ERP, enhanced security solution etc. Therefore, a distinguished panel consisting of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts including CIO Insider’s editorial team have evaluated the top companies in this bubble and shortlisted the ones that have set benchmarks in the way corporate treat and manage people. We present to you “10 Most Recommended Education ERP Solution Providers - 2019”.

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Pacifyca: Delivering Technology to The Underserved Education Segment ATC Online LLP Ivan Fernandes, Founder & Director Facilitates School Management System and ERP software that connects all the departments of an institution.
CampusWhiz CampusWhiz Shachindra Rajavaram, Co-Founder & CEO Offers SaaS based campus management software that automates the entire spectrum of functions of educational institutes.
i-Educative i Educative Harish Rayaprolu, Co-Founder Provides cloud based school management system, mobile ERP for parents, accountants and management.
IEMS Soft IEMS Soft Rahul Sharma, Founder & CEO Delivers single sign-on platform, smart teaching and personalized learning software solution for complete automation.
Kal-Yug Technologies Kal Yug Technologies Saurabh Laddha, Founder A provider of digital education solutions, video conferencing solution, virtual classroom solution, digital language labs, and educational ERP software.
Nivista Nivista Kushal Majithia, CEO Avails end to end institute management system & communications system with comprehensive information management tool.
Octoze Technologies Octoze Technologies Swaminathan AR, CEO A software product development company focusing on SaaS based campus and learning administration solution.
OPTRA: Offering An Integrated Management For Future Education OPTRA Savitha B, Vice President – Support and Operations A Product based company that delivers SaaS based applications for Indian Education Segment.
RM Education Solutions RM Education Solutions Mohanachandran Sreekumar, Head- Delivery & Operations Develops comprehensive software solutions for a wide range of futuristic education related products and services.
XIPHIAS Software Technologies XIPHIAS Software Technologies Rohit Kumar, CEO & CMD Builds capabilities around ERP Student Information Software, School Management Software and Education Management Software.