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  • <style>.col-md-3 span{font-size:14px;}</style><span>Supriya Chhikara, Founder & Director

    Supriya Chhikara, Founder & Director

  • Rapidsoft Technologies is a globally operating software development & service company offering technology solutions using nextgen technologies like Blockchain, IoT, Big data/Analytics, AI, ML, and Cloud etc. The company leverages pioneering ideas, approaches and better blended rate for delivering enterprise solutions for small to large sized global enterprises in major verticals including Public Sector, Healthcare, SCM, Mobility, eCommerce, Telecom, ERP, CRM Construction & Engineering, Banking & Finance, and Logistics & Transportation, across 15+ countries. Rapidsoft is known for its digital first mindset that allows the company to use digitized practices, empowered talent, and data & tools capability. For 12 years, Rapidsoft has been developing solutions surrounding Enterprise solutions, Enterprise Mobility and now also in next generation technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning, etc. The founder tells us about Rapidsoft’s expertise and why, as an organization, Rapidsoft understands the business better than most industry players.

  • Rapidsoft Technologies: Introducing  a Digital - First Mindset

Two Ends of the Same Rope

By: Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor

Enterprise Communication and Enterprise Mobility are the two ends of the same string.

Getting Ready for Smart and Intelligent Organization

By: Rajiv Vaid, VP & Global Head of Operations Strategic Accounts, TCS

The corporate world is embracing a large scale innovation. This is primarily driven

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Branch offices are growing at a rate of 17 percent and a recent report states that


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When we view the world through the lens of a typical consumer, it becomes easier to empathize


Deployment Of Cloud Based Solutions For Workflow Automation And Employee Collaboration/Messaging

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Anyone who s ever worked through a botched new technology roll out knows that even the shiniest,


Building A Leading Enterprise Mobile Strategy

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Ten years ago, companies around the globe were struggling to understand how mobile application


Build Customer Journeys that Satisfy Traditional As Well As New Communication Needs!

By: Sudhir Narang, Managing Director India and V.P. Network & Services Integration Practice - AMEA, BT

The world surrounding today's customers is highly connected and becoming


Listen and Communicate Effectively

By: Paul Villani, Director of Network Technology, Hartford Healthcare

Over the course of the past several years, the landscape of IT has changed. IT has been expanding


Embracing Change For Driving Business

By: Miguel Lopes, VP Product Line Management, Dialogic

Virtualization, cloud, and other avantgarde technologies have redefined the IT


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