| |December 20198HOW IS BIG DATA HELPING HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY?eExpedise Healthcare is a Healthcare IT Company offering development, support & maintenance services to domestic and international clients.By Amit Sharma, Founder & CEO, eExpedise Healthcareexpert opinionB oth healthcare system and big data are at a boom-ing stage, where the intersection of both could be profitable for private/public orga-nizations and consumers. A report by Seagate Technology confirms that big data in healthcare indus-try has the maximum potential to grow as compared to big data in any other sector such as man-ufacturing or financial services. The report also highlights that the healthcare data could meet 36 percent CAGR growth by 2025.Our healthcare system, today, generates high volume of data in a short period of time. To orga-nize, manage, and analyze this big chunk of data, doctors need a technique that has a potential of making statistical analysis and understanding the hidden import-ant information. Hence, with the use of big data analytics and with different tools and platforms, doc-tors can make a huge difference in analyzing and treating ailments. So, here's how big data in healthcare system is a change we all need:Cost ReductionBig Data can be an extraordinary method to spare expenses for clinics that either under or over book staff individuals. Predic-tive examination can help settle this issue by foreseeing the ad-
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