| |July 20194 DEVOPS CONSULTING As your DevOps Services Partner, we help transform culture & automate system with more quality before it reaches to customer quickly. WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT We help in creating next generation workforce by doing Role based competency Assessments, structured Trainings ­ using standard DevOps practices. AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS We help accelerate the software delivery process by our Automation solutions that enable continuous Integration & continuous delivery focusing on effective ops for bimodal IT. AJAR DBMS The DBMS essentially serves as an interface between the relational database and end users or application programs, ensuring that data is consistently organized and remains easily accessible. simplifying IT Atgen Software Solut ions D E VO P S SO L U TI O N S T HAT W O RK F O R Y O UR B US I NE S S . Driven to ensure high customer satisfaction, the company extends DevOps offerings which are Analysis, Design, Implementation, Support, and Training across a broad range of industry verticals. Catering to each customer's unique requirements, the team with their decade-long software industry exposure across the UK, US and Germany as consultants of a gamut of niche technologies designed a novel process. With a set process in place, the team begins with understanding the client's current systems, culture analysis and submits an effective report to the key stakeholders to inspect for improvements. This is followed by assisting Software Teams to move towards implementation of the plan in multiple phases. "Each phase shows the progressive journey with the realization of DevOps and of course improvements like Time to Market, Quality and a positive energy in Project Teams. WWW.ATGE NSOFT.COM 107, Tower B, Escon Arena, Zirapur, Mohali (SAS Nagar), 140603 Tel 91-9999715545/91-8806666141 Email info@atgensoft.com Services we Offer
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