| |August 20196Getting Ready for Smart and Intelligent OrganizationDeployment of Cloud Based Solutions for Workflow Automation and Employee Collaboration/MessagingSimplifying Deployment and Management of Branch Office NetworksEmbracing Change for Driving BusinessRajiv Vaid, VP & Global Head - Operations Strategic Accounts, TCSSanjay Pawar, Head IT, India Advantage SecuritiesAri Bose, CIO, BrocadeMiguel Lopes, VP Product Line Management, Dialogic083022C O NT E NT S46CIO speaksLAST Commentexpert opinionCOVER STORYPG: 10CONTRIBUTORSRapidsoftTechnologiesINTRODUCING A DIGITAL-FIRST MINDSETSUPRIYA CHHIKARA, FOUNDER & DIRECTOR
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