| |November 20174VOL 1 · ISSUE 1 · NOVEMBER - 2017Accounting or financial management in India has its roots in the ancient times when `Munim' or `Munshi' was the CIO and CFO to any business. The daily fiscal affairs were managed by him and he was the one to record the daily transactions, cash inflows and outflows, debts to collect and return, in the books referred to as `Bahi Khata' back then. However, as the oligopoly in the distribution of wealth and power diluted due to increased number of people venturing into trade and commerce, the nature and process of accounting and financial management too witnessed a revolution. The manual paper based accounting practices are now being replaced by sophisticated softwares that bring highest transparency and accuracy in the way financial management is done, also offering insights for management and strategic decision making. From customary financial management goals to acquiring funds to decide on the structure and allocation of these funds, to make investment decisions and finally to analyze, predict, plan and manage all business activities while maintaining financial stability are the challenges that are most prevalent today. Using Information technology may help organizations gain greater visibility into financial performance with real-time, comprehensive financial and operational reports; process transactions quicker and more accurately without compromising control; accommodate multi-entity, multi-book, and multi-currency requirements for global organizations; adapt and accommodate new business and regulatory requirements; ensure proper security and support compliance efforts with embedded controls; and gain real-time visibility into cash balances and more accurately forecast cash flow with embedded analytics. Quite simply, the financial service industry too cannot provide the level of service it does without the support of advanced information processing and telecommunication technologies. We at CIO Insider understand the requirements of financial service providers and business organizations to keep up with the pace of digital world. Hence, we bring to you the list of `20 Most Promising Finance Software and Solutions Providers' under different categories such as Financial Management, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Asset and Wealth Management, Accounting Software and Solutions, Tax Software and Solutions, and Banking and Finance Mobility. Also read the cover story on ARCON TechSolutions, which has today emerged as a leading technology company specializing in risk control solutions offering a proprietary unified governance framework, which addresses risk across various technology platforms. Emanuel Christi DasEditoremmanuel@cioinsiderindia.com.Switching to Digital Accounting and Financial Management EditorialEditorialOffice Editorial queries editor@cioinsiderindia.comAdvertising queriessales@cioinsiderindia.comBangaloreTel 080 46441103NoidaTel 120 4639300 To subscribeVisit www.cioinsiderindia.com/magazine-in or send email to: subscription@cioinsiderindia.comCover price is Rs 150 per issueAshok KumarVirupakshi PattarSales & MarketingAmrit SinghRohit RaghubanshiKirankumar HLRavi KalgiGroup Art DirectorVP - Sales & MarketingMagendran PerumalCirculation ManagerEditorial TeamChitra MishraSuchita Gonsalves Vinisha PaivaAarushi GhaiAnitha TLakshmi GCIOINSIDERNo. 124, 2nd Floor, Surya Chambers, Old Airport Road, Murugheshpalya, Bangalore-560017MaitreyeeSheethal M S Mohana KrishnanSr. VisualizerVisualizer PublisherEditorAlok ChaturvediEmmanuel Christi DasPrinted and published by Alok Chaturvedi on Behalf of Bizprint Media Technologies Pvt Ltd and Printed at Precision Fototype Ser-vices at Sri Sabari Shopping Complex, 24 Residency Road Ban-galore-560025 and Published at No. 124, 2nd Floor, Surya Cham-bers, Old Airport Road, Murugeshpalya, Bangalore-560017.Copyright © 2017 Bizprint Media Technologies Pvt Ltd, All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part of any text, photography or illustrations without written permission from the publisher is pro-hibited. The publisher assumes no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts, photographs or illustrations. Views and opinions ex-pressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the maga-zine and accordingly, no liability is assumed by the publisher.
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