| |April 20197Making Cities Smart and Sustainable10 COVER STORYK Suresh Babu, Director - Towers and Telecom Towards Smarter CitiesReifying ICT in Smart City InitiativesHow to Make Digital Transformation a Business Reality Rupinder Goel, CIO & Sr. Vice President, IT (Operations), Tata CommunicationsPrasun Dutta, Advisor - Gaia Smart CitiesPooja Chatrath, VP- IT, Cryoviva Biotech Pvt Ltd240838expert opinionCIO speakslast CommentCONTENT S10 MOST RECOMMENDED SOLUTION PROVIDERS 2019SMART CITYFeatured Solution Providers:Dynalog India18MatreComm30GreenTech ITS22SCRAPTAP34IBI Group26
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