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A Beginner's Guide to Investing in Bitcoin

Bishal Pathak, content writer | Monday, 4 September, 2023

In recent years, Bitcoin has fast become a popular investment option among investors. However, there have been several arguments about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Some propose that it's worth investing in as it is for the future, while others argue that based on its risky nature it might not provide huge returns.

However, we cannot argue that Bitocin has built a lot of momentum. With the developments that have added to its value, many individuals believe that this might just be the start. For beginners who intend to invest in Bitcoin, here is a beginner's guide that can help you through the process.

How to Invest in Bitcoin

There are several methods of investing in Bitcoin. Some of them are:

Buying Bitcoin

This is the traditional approach of buying Bitcoin directly from platforms such as Kraken and Binance. Before buying through this method, you can check the price of BTC to USD to know the current rate. This method lets you own the actual Bitcoin which is tied to an encrypted wallet. You can track its value, use it as a currency, or make transactions. It's similar to owning a currency, just with the volatility of cryptocurrency.

Mining Bitcoin

Mining Bitcoin means that you contribute your PC processing power to maintain the Bitcoin network. As a miner, you will be rewarded with Bitcoin for your effort which is a way to get the cryptocurrency without directly buying it. However, you will need technical infrastructure and knowledge to perform this method.

Utilizing Greyscale's Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC)

With Greyscale's Bitcoin Investment Trust, you can invest in Bitcoin by holding the cryptocurrency in different accounts such as Roth IRAs and IRAs. The company places focus on popular investment structures and transparency to increase its popularity.

Tips for Bitcoin Investment

As beginners in the cryptocurrency world, when you consider investing in Bitcoin, you should follow the tips below:

Know Your Risk Tolerance

Since Bitcoin is very volatile, it involves high risk. You should know your comfort levels when the price fluctuates. If you own limited funds or are very cautious about risks, then you learn about other alternative investment avenues.

Always Diversify

You should always diversify your portfolio as a defense against possible losses. Place a major part of your investment in low-risk options such as index funds or government bonds, then a part for medium- risk investments like stocks and real estate, and a smaller part in high-risk options like Bitcoin.

Start Small

When starting to invest in Bitcoin, it would be wise to start small. Experts suggest starting with about $10 weekly. With this, you can reduce the risk of huge losses while also getting potential gains.

Is Investing in Bitcoin Good?

Bitcoin being a good investment usually depends on several individual factors such as strategy, goals, and risk tolerance. Bitcoin lacks intrinsic value and is highly volatile, therefore it is a risk asset that fluctuates fast. Instead of relying on central regulation or tangible assets, Bitcoin relies on market demand. To gain profits, individuals must be able to time the market, which is a challenging strategy. While there is a profit potential individuals should carefully understand their circumstances before they consider investing in Bitcoin.


As an emerging digital currency, Bitcoin holds immense potential. While the cryptocurrency is very volatile and subject to market swings, investors can consider it an asset if they properly assess the risk involved. Like every type of investment, individuals must learn about their tolerance levels. Diversification is key in every investment, and cryptocurrency investment is not an exception.

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