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ABB Information Systems Partners with Google Cloud for Cloud Footprint Expansion

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ABB extends its partnership with Google Cloud to expand the Cloud footprint of its Information System (IS) services. The Swiss-based global technology leader has chosen Google Cloud as part of the organization’s ‘Rationalizing IT Operations’ (code named: Program RIO) initiative, which is poised to further increase the scalability and resilience of its infrastructure services across all ABB businesses.

With the new collaboration, Google Cloud will join hands with ABB’s hosting services team to layout an optimized cloud migration that is tailored to meet the IS needs of ABB businesses. According to the parties, this will be rolled out in a structured way and in-line with ABB’s new operating model. Google Cloud’s data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities will also be used to simplify and improve the IS

quality assurance via automation and consolidation of identified services housed in ABB’s strategic data centers and remote sites.

Google Cloud has also recently announced its serverless Database Migration Service

In a statement, Dominik Wee, Managing Director Global Manufacturing and Industrial at Google Cloud, said, “ABB is a global technology leader that has been a Fortune 500 company for many years. We’re thrilled about the opportunity for Google Cloud to help ABB in its journey toward powering its information systems services in the cloud, as the company heads towards a more digitized future.”

“We are excited to be working together with Google Cloud to improve the competitiveness of ABB’s Information Systems services, and the flexibility we offer our internal business customers,’’ said Daniele Lisetto, Head of IS Strategy Office and Sponsor of RIO Program at ABB, while commenting on the occasion.

“Our choice to include Google Cloud further strengthens our strategic vision and stimulates innovation as we expand the Information Systems’ cloud footprint,’’ said Prabhu Chakravarthy, Group IS Program Leader at ABB.

Google Cloud has also recently announced its serverless Database Migration Service (DMS), enabling customers to migrate MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server databases to Cloud SQL from on-premises environments or other clouds.

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