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Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots Are Changing Education

CIO Insider Team

Technology is no longer just contained in science fiction films; it is also influencing education system to take new steps towards future. Students and teachers alike are adopting different ways of learning and absorbing the information. According to Artificial Intelligence Market in the US Education Sector 2017-2021 report, experts expect AI in education to grow by “47.50% during the period 2017-2021.” With the present growth rate of AI in education, we are just beginning to see the possibilities and would expect to see more.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots provides personalized learning environment to students and helps educators to understand individual’s strength and weakness in the learning process. Acting as a game changer in the innovative edtech world,

Chatbots or artificially intelligent conversational tools, improve student interaction and collaboration. Additionally, Chatbots support students to communicate with teachers and solve their problem without any hesitation and AI provides personalized tutoring for students even outside the classroom. It enables student to reinforce ideas before any assignment. Furthermore, AI also identifies classroom weakness. For instance, if any student who is not able to go along with the class or is absent, it informs teacher that these materials are ought to be taught again. It holds teachers accountability and strengthen best teaching practices.

Moreover, AI and Chatbots are connecting schools with corporations which help in the development of education sector. In 2016, Bill Gates has announced that the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation will invest more than $240 million dollars in a tech project, .i.e., personalized institutional learning. Facebook has also followed the Bill Gates’ example and joined the world-famous Summit Learning project. The main aim of introducing these technologies in education sector is to assist every student's learning. As every student has different set of skills, interests, and abilities, the need of personal tutors is important for one-on-one lecture and is also the demand of the present time.

While AI and chatbot can be used as the learning process for students, this also helps educators in the teaching process. It reduces the workload of the administrative staffs such as grading; maintain students’ attendance which further leads to significant growth of education sector. It not only enhances student’s learning but also builds a strong relationship between teacher and students. With this, technology is transforming the education sector without replacing the old values.

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