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AssureShift: Streamlining the Relocation Experience in India


Mr. Debendra Prasad, CEO of AssureShift, a company which acts as a connecting bridge between customers andpacking moving companies, answers a few questions about the journey of AssureShift, how it began, and much more.

“Ideally, customers should start looking for packers and movers at least 15-20 days before the moving date so that they have enough time to research and validate moving company details. However, the majority of the customers tend to book house shifting services in the lastminute and finalize any random service provider they get in touch with first. They often skip the crucial step of verifying packer mover details due to being in a hurry and most of them do not even know what details to examine. So, we chose to offer a quick and easy solutionin 4 simple but effective steps to ensure we reach customers before the fraud movers do.” says Debendra Prasad.

AssureShift has expanded across India to become the most preferred packer mover directory with a drive to eliminate fake and unprofessional moving companies in the market. Focused on guiding people to make the right choice and hire the right mover, Debendra Prasad tells us more about the companybelow.

Without checking if they have the necessary authorizations from the Govt of India or fulfill their necessary requirements. Moreover, finding the rightpackers and movers for you can take about10 – 15 days, oreven up to a month, depending on when you are planning to move. However, since

Here are some extracts from the interview:

1. Before we get into the interview, please tell us about yourself.
Debendra: I’m into Web Development, Web Designing, Digital Marketing, and Business planning since 2012. I first started working in Asansol, West Bengal, till mid-2014. From the beginning, I wanted to create valuable solutions for people to solve their problems andmake their lives better.

I came to Bangalore in 2014, in search of that opportunity, and started Creatisoul (a Web Development & Digital Marketing Company) with Juby John. Under the housing of Creatisoul, we served many clients from Education, Real Estate, Insurance, NGOs, Catering, and Packing Moving Service Providers. During this time, we had some experience working with several relocation companies and got a chance to know the relocation industry much better. It was once we realized there was a lot of disorganizationand irregularities in the industry that we started working on AssureShift (packer mover reference portal) in 2016 &commenced operations in 2017.

Currently, we are working on other projects along with AssureShift, with the same goal of offeringhelpful solutions for all.

2. How was AssureShift born? What was the main idea?
Debendra: When I worked in the packing moving industry few years ago, I noticed that the industry was very unorganized. I also came across manyindividuals &families who lost their personal belongings and hard-earned money because of choosing the wrong movers or getting in touch with fraudsters.

I sat down with Juby John, who also worked with me, and we discussed how toutilize our experience in the industry to overcome this challenge. We did some research and found many basic unaddressed problems likelack of an authoritative agency to verify legal documentsprior to businessessetup of each moving company. Moreover, people alsolack knowledge about what details to check before hiring any mover.

After a lot of brainstorming,we concluded that the only way out was to develop a digital marketing strategy to get in touch withclients before the fraudmoving companies do. And that’s how AssureShift was born.

3. How does AssureShift change the way people pack and move these days?
Debendra: AssureShift actsasa connecting link between customers &packing moving companies. We use 4 simple phases to ensure simplified moving withCertification, Requirement assessment, Routine Feedback &Quality Checks, and Customer Care.

We validateshifting company documents and office set up in every Indiancity to build a directory of trustworthy moving service providersto be able to succeed in eradicating fake movers in the market. We check everything from the business license, owner ID proof, office location,and their past performance history before associating with them.

We knew stopping at this wouldn’t be adequate. We realized that it was also important toshow customers the right way to book good movers. So, we decided to educate them about the best methods to verify and hire relocation service providers and, we personally refer 3most suitedpackers movers to customers based on their required services, packing quality, and other requireddetails.

We are committed to delivering reliable and good-quality services to our customers at economicalcharges and offer full support from start to end witha quick resolution for the problems they face during shifting.

4. How much has AssureShift expanded until now?
Debendra: AssureShift started as a two-member teamin 2016, comprising of John & myself. We had officially launched our operations in Bangalorejust then and gradually began to build our packers movers network across neighboring cities.After the first 3 months, we started our branches in Chennai &Pune; a few months later, we moved into Hyderabad, Delhi, andMumbai.

Over the last 4 years, AssureShifthas covered all the major metro cities and is slowlycoming up in second-tier cities like Thane, Chandigarh, Noida, Mysore, and others. We have a strong network of 600 – 700 moving companies all over the country. Our team has now grown into a 20+ member family.

5. How do you maintain theoffice work culture?
Debendra:The office atmosphere plays a key role in a company’s efficiency& overall growth. We try to take care of everyone’s troubles and maintain a positive ambiance. I am engaged in every department from planning, implementation, reporting, and feedback. Anybody can reach me directly and I try to give all my attention to their worries. I also try to boost the collaboration amongst all the employees and reward them for their good work.

6. What are your goals for the future of AssureShift?
Debendra:Our future plans for AssureShift are plentyand we are enthusiastic about where we are headed. Our ideas for expansion arein 2 ways. Firstly, we want to expand in terms of our service areas; currently we are operational in 16 cities; in the next 6 months, we plan to move into 25 cities.

Secondly, we are planning for expansion in the services & service quality we offer. Considering that we are presently only referring packers movers to customers. In the future,we would like to take more responsibility for our customer’s relocation and provide them with a complete moving experience from start to end under AssureShift. As for our partner moving companies, we plan to provide more beneficial services like maintaining the website, boosting online brand awareness, and enhancing their customer experience.

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