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CIO Sync Forum: A showcase of new digital trends and cutting Edge Technologies


Industries are switching their focus onto organizational plasticity and speed up IT operations after the constraints of the crisis. With the influx of new tech, IT heads need to use these tools effectively by adopting game-changing strategies to enhance operational efficiency and find new means of business continuity.

The CIO Sync Forum brings together 200+ CIOs, CTOs, CDOs and IT Heads from cross industries in India with the objective of driving compelling conversations about the dynamic role of the CIO and how it has broadened into overlooking key business decisions.The event also will highlight on emerging tech like Hyper-automation, 5G and also effective tech strategies needed to be adopted to overcome the IT infra and business challenges in 2021.

With a key focus on the Evolving Role of the CIO, Public Cloud Adoption, RPA to Hyper-automation: The future of Intelligent Automation and Women in Tech, the conference hosts a well-rounded line-up of speakers including IT leaders from The Ministry of External Affairs, Bombay Stock Exchange, PayTM, HDFC Bank and more, which include speakers such as Golok Kumar Simli, Kersi Tavadia, Saloni Malhotra, Rajnish Khare amongst other top CIOs and Digital Transformation leaders, with extensive experience from versatile backgrounds.

The agenda in its topics will touch upon some pertinent solutions like AI & ML, RPA, Hyper-Automation, Public Cloud, IoT and its applications for CIOs to discover the right action-plan heading into 2021, as discussed by industry veterans and experts from their use cases.

Our expert speakers will share result-based case-studies, actionable insights and valuable use cases that have worked for the success of their businesses.

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