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Cognizant Buys Advanced Technology Group For Unrevealed Amount

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Bengaluru, India – January 17, 2020: Cognizant announced that they bought Advanced Technology group for unrevealed amount to extend the consulting capabilities on the salesforce platform.

ATG is a leading Kansas based sector which helps organisation successfully instrument, design and elevate automated cloud centred Q2C business developments and machineries that allows better efficiency, more exactness and improved business brightness from the beginning of customer interaction to closing payment. ATG was initiated in 2000 and it has delivery centres in various parts such as Missouri, Ohio, Kansas and Montana. ATG will turn to be a part of Cognizant for the enterprise application service practice.

“Cognizant has broad expertise helping clients around the world design, implement and manage their digital business strategies on the Salesforce platform. ATG’s deep Q2C domain expertise and extensive Salesforce CPQ and Billing implementation offerings strengthen Cognizant’s cloud solutions portfolio as clients increasingly shift to business models that are based on recurring revenue streams, subscriptions, consumption, IoT, and as-a-service offerings,” Rajesh Balaji, Global Delivery Head, Enter.

Cognizant being an American multinational corporate company provides technological service like IT, digital, operation and consulting service. The company had a rapid growth in during 2000s and later attained Fortune.

In 2015 financial statement, a major portion of Cognizant’s revenue is derived from, customers in the health care, financial service and industries. The company was listed and added to the index of NASDAQ.

Francisco D'Souza is the former CEO and Vice Chairman of Cognizant. Throughout the years from 1996, he performed different guidance roles at Cognizant. He was raised to the role of CEO and joined the Board of Directors of Cognizant in January 2007, and upheld to the Vice Chairman of the Board in June 2018. He was the youngest director in the board of General Electric 2013. He has received various awards such as The Economic Times Entrepreneur Award, America’s best CEOs award, News maker of the year etc.

"By joining forces with Cognizant, we are better able to expand our capabilities to help global clients be more responsive to market changes and succeed with digital monetization ecosystems encompassing people, processes and technology," noted Michael Walsh, CEO, ATG.

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