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Collaboration is more than just Technology, It's an Experience

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The advent of technology solutions has transformed the way a business collaborates. Driving this trend, many companies have developed various enterprise collaboration tools and platforms in order to support collaboration. Collaboration is often incorrectly assumed as a technology and as the 'right tool'that could help an organization in deriving the potential value of online collaboration. However, contrary to popular beliefs, collaboration is an approach to business that enables users to work together no matter where they happen to be.

In order to turn knowledge into action, organizations are looking forward creating new ways for employees to do their work by leveraging collaborative technologies. To meet the operational goals, businesses need to design structured collaboration strategy while considering various interlocking issues such as user behavior, work habits,culture, management and business value. There are several business factors that lead to successful business collaboration. The collaboration tools need to be compatible with specific use case there by striking the right balance between company's goals and business process management. Moreover, business collaboration efforts must have a defined line of accountability which further provides flexibility and agility to businesses. This can ensure optimal productivity and performance with reduced operational cost.

With innovation driving adoption of collaboration software, there has been a rise of the intelligent bot in the collaboration tools. Many organizations are adapting to the BYOD trends to work seamlessly across any locations, devices, and platforms. Organizations are emphasizing the importance of Artificial Intelligence & machine learning and innovation around interoperability. With this, it is safe for customers to expect a significant leap in the use of technology to enhance collaboration and increase productivity across all sectors.

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