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Decision Making Possibilities Of AI In Cinema

CIOInsider Team

Ever since scientists and technocrats began to invest their time and effort in Artificial Intelligence, the technology has moved closer to replicate the cognitive functions of human being. It has not been so long since technology has caught up with faster and powerful GPUs. The dawn of Big Data also marked the significant possibility to store and analysis of infinite amounts of data. Deep learning capabilities later became the sine qua non for every industry to power their respective analytics requirements and AI applications.

Technology and algorithm will transform Cinema into a different level in the coming years. The new AI technology will attract people who don’t watch movies often. Film industry has provided ample onscreen illustration spinning around artificial intelligence from many years. Machine learning and AI can be more useful in film making than a human doing it manually. Technological aspects turn out to be perfect and reduce the work load of human workers. AI can also help in editing, script writing and many more works which take longer time manually. Machine learning applications are educated in ancient data and they are commonly conventional and focus on patterns that have led to past accomplishments rather than forecasting what captive future audiences. This is why many filmmakers are sceptical about the capacity of algorithm to make estimations in this field. AI cannot think of any creative factors that can be brought to the film industry but it can always make the work of the people lighter.

Artificial Intelligence and the technology are the single cross of the life that constantly concern and surprise people with the fresh thoughts, topics, products and innovations. In future there will be more number of AI tools in the film industry which will increase the demand of filmmakers and the production of films. The technology of AI is introduced to the viewers through AI characters and functions they perform in the course of action. This gives a complete awareness of how AI is used and what are the functions that provide and how it help in the coming era of digitalised world.

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