Does Car Insurance Cover Engine Repair: A Complete Guide


The only problem is that car insurance is just as complicated as necessary. Car insurance is necessary to legally and safely drive a car. Not only is it mandatory to have it in almost every state, but auto insurance can save you a fortune if you get in a car accident.

Different auto insurance policies cover different types of damages, and no single policy covers all the damages. It is the reason a lot of people need clarification.

One common confusion that is prevalent among many people is whether car insurance covers engine repair. A simple yes or no would not suffice for anything related to car insurance coverage.

So let’s take a deeper and more detailed look at what happens if your car engine needs repair and you approach your auto insurer to pay for it.

When Engine Repair is Not Covered

In most of the cases, when your car’s engine has failed, it would not be covered by your car insurance policy. Car insurance companies mainly cover damages due to accidents and not car component failure.

Your car has a warranty stating that certain parts will last for a period. If they fail and are covered under warranty, your car manufacturer will fix them for free.

No car insurance policy covers car engine repairs. A car engine is just that; a component made by the car manufacturer. If the engine fails during the warranty period, the manufacturer is liable to pay for the repairs.

If your car engine fails after the warranty period, you are liable to pay for the repairs. Extended warranties can help, but that is all about it.

So the straight answer to the question “Does car insurance cover engine repairs?” is a big no. As we mentioned earlier, nothing is simple or straightforward regarding car insurance.

There are some unique and specific cases when car insurance policies cover engine failure. Let’s take a look at those exceptional instances.

When Engine Repair is Covered

As we mentioned earlier, car insurance policies usually do not cover engine repair costs in most cases. But car insurance does cover the damages to your car due to road accidents. So what happens if there is some damage to your car engine due to a road accident?

In this case, the car insurance company will cover your engine repair cost because it comes under damages due to the accident. Although damage just to the engine in a car accident is rare, some companies have specific terms and conditions regarding engine damage.

Contacting your car insurance agent or insurance company and asking about any specific term or condition which might state that the car engine will not be covered is the best thing to do.

But just because your car’s engine is damaged due to a road accident does not automatically make you eligible for an insurance claim. We will repeat the same thing; nothing is simple in car insurance.

Let’s look at the policies you can get and what they cover. If you do not have the appropriate car insurance policy, your auto insurer will not cover engine damage under your policy.

Policies Needed

The damage to your car engine (and the car) can be due to many reasons. There are different car insurance policies to cover the different types of damages to your vehicle. Let’s take a look at what these policies are and what they cover.

Collision Insurance

No other car insurance policy is as essential or as popular as collision insurance when it comes to the damages to your own car. Collision insurance is also one of the most expensive auto insurance policies you can get.

Collision insurance covers all the costs of repairs needed for your car after a collision accident. It does not matter whose fault the accident was; collision insurance is claimable in every collision accident.

So even if you are at fault for an accident or if someone else is, you can claim your collision insurance to cover the cost of repairs needed for your car. So if due to the collision accident, there is some damage to your engine, your policy will cover the cost of repairing it.

There are some apparent conditions here as well. There must be a collision accident, and the accident must not be intentional. The driver must have a driving license as well.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is also called “Parked Car” insurance because it covers all the damages to your car while it is parked. There are many cases when the engine of a vehicle is damaged while the car is parked.

For example, flooding is one of the most common reasons your engine might get damaged, or perhaps a fire or any other natural disaster that can damage your car, and your car’s engine will be covered under comprehensive insurance.

Comprehensive coverage also covers projectile damage. So if a tree falls on the hood of your car, you can get your engine fixed and claim this policy to cover the cost of it. Apart from it, it also covers damages due to animals (rats and other rodents) that may get inside your car and cause internal damage.

Riots and vandalism are also covered, along with theft. So for any reason, your car is damaged (and the damage extends to the engine of the vehicle), comprehensive insurance can be claimed to cover the cost of it.

Liability Insurance

If you get in a car accident and the accident is the other driver’s fault, why should you pay for the repairs? You can claim the driver at-fault liability insurance to cover the cost of car repairs and your medical treatments.

Since this policy covers car repairs, if your car engine is damaged in the accident, the at-fault driver’s liability insurance will cover it. If the at-fault driver is uninsured, you need to have uninsured motorist coverage to cover the cost of car repairs.

In conclusion, car insurance does not cover engine repair if the failure was due to a manufacturing defect or other cause. But if the engine is damaged in a car accident and you have the right policy, your car insurance will cover it.

More policies mean more auto insurance expenditure. Make sure you select the most affordable car insurance provider in your state. For example, if you live in Illinois, search for cheapest car insurance in Illinois and select the one that suits your needs the best.


Does car insurance cover your engine repair? The answer is a yes and a no. Find out when your car insurance does cover engine repair and when it does not.

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