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Ethics in AI

CIOInsider Team

AI is a system where human intelligence is possessed by machine or robots. The practice of accepting AI in every field can be ethical as the risk of accidents can be avoided in terms of keeping the data safe, ensuring the work has done on right time, proof reading the material given etc. AI machine transforms our life to a better world of modernity and creativity.

The main motive of Artificial Intelligence is to create an effective set of machine robotics and an immediate intelligence on computers which gives a stress free environment to the employees.

Upliftment of new technologies can always create an enhancement in the field of growth and capability of a particular country. The extra effort of the employees can be reduced and can have a better concentration on their limited work which can be more creative in nature. A normal human being cannot work more than 8-9 hours a day, but here the AI has a greater power structure which runs 24 hours and do the programme in which that is capable of. The use of AI can drastically cut off the working hours of people and also give an assurity of accuracy than a manual employee who usually work for more than what they can.

AI has not only influenced the business life of people but at the same time the personal life as well. People tent to connect more socially with AI, that they enhance their ability in learning wider technology. The process and work of AI is more precise, accurate and will have a high speed than people working, manually. Handling repetitive jobs can be a greater advantage of AI in business and as well as in personal life of every individual. People tent to make mistakes often in doing their work, but AI cannot make mistakes as they are designed to be more accurate. Robots are major relief for various industries like airport, malls, and hospitals. The work which is done by AI cannot be done by a human this precisely.

The work load of employees has reduced to maximum that they can concentration on one particular work. Not only in the field of business, AI is roughly used in all other technological aspects like various industries, education sector, hospital and many more. In future AI can have more accurate and detailed interaction with human beings.

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