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HCL Technologies Is Betting Big On Internet Of Things-As-A-Service

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Bengaluru, India – 17 February, 2020: HCL Technologies is focusing its power on internet of things -as-a-Service, while large number of industries are glancing at adopting the technology.

“The fact is we were the creators of the market (of IoT-as-a-Service). The business has grown very robustly, and we have grown our business 11X in three years, of course on a smaller base. We’re in the triple digit million dollar range already,” said Sukamal Banerjee, corporate vice president, ERS Sales (Hi Tech & Comm) and Head —IoT WoRKS, at HCL Technologies.

IoT WoRKS is a committed IoT production entity of

HCL Technologies. It centralizes on assisting the users advancing time to the field of business and improve cost saving.

According to research firm Zinnov, “IoT is the fusion of technologies starting with devices incorporated with sensors, connected through networks to the cloud, on top of which there is analytics. The complexity of the IoT Tech Stack is further exacerbated as applications are delivered through multiple layers of technology sourced from different vendors, requiring varied skill sets for integration, usage, and maintenance.”

The Internet of Things is a trend in which the corporeal world is fetching a kind of huge knowledge system with sensors and telematics surrounded by physical substances and connected through wireless systems. The Internet of Things is otherwise called as the Internet of Everything (IoE). This contains all the web-empowered systems that gather, transmit and act on data they obtain from their surrounding environments using embedded sensors, processors and communication hardware.

By tradition, asset-loaded businesses like manufacturing, energy and adequacy, shipping and logistics and healthcare have been huge users of Internet of Things. There are asset-light users who are also glancing to influence the technology.

“We have also come across very interesting use cases like in casualty and property insurance, retail and CPG as retailers try to take on the Amazon effect,” said Banerjee.“First primary focus, and that’s what we did about 2018. And for the last year and a half, we started focusing on chosen countries in APAC. And wherever we have chosen to operate we have seen significant traction,” He added.

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