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Is 6G around the corner?

Shiwani Prakash

Is it funny to see that most of us haven’t used the full potential of the 4G and 4G LTE as both of them have not reached their full maturity, i.e., close to its reported 100 megabits per second (mbps). And, these networks are not even available in all parts of the world, yet as of the moment, there are companies that have begun rolling out 5G trails which may arrive sooner than an expected year of its availability in 2020. While much of the world is still wondering how long it will take to get 5G networks; a group of telecommunications researchers has already started their work on 6G standard.

So what is this 6G Technology? The 6G mobile technology is the next generation of wireless mobile resources which will surely make phenomenal changes in mobile technologies. It increases performance and maximizes the data through IOPS.

It also protects your system, secure data, ease services and build efforts and expand your data center configuration options. Though still in an embryonic stage, according to the International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, the upcoming 6G aims to integrate satellites for global coverage to provide for high data rates and faster Internet speeds than 5G. For now, companies like Qualcomm are probably focused enough on 5G that they're leaving most of the early thoughts about 6G up to the academics.

Currently, 3G and 4G are most popular around the world, because they are available in almost every mobile device today. People are obsessed with mobile and the internet speed that these technologies provide. Moreover to enhance this experience of users’, developers are now considering 5G and 6G broadband technologies as they will deliver users more than their expectations. As the concepts and functions of 6G technology have been developed, and 5G is under development phases, it is expected that 5G technology will be released soon, and it will be compatible with new smartphones and tablets.

Further, 6G technology hasn’t been fully revealed yet, but, the search phrases like what is 6G mobile technologies, 6G technology, 6G mobile, 6G network, are getting more familiar with new mobile technology. The Google hot trends have rated the term 6G as the seventeenth most searched word in the search engines. 6G mobile technology in upcoming name in the field of mobile communication technologies, and it will enable devices to connect internet with broadband wireless access. The complete information about 6G technologies has not been provided yet, but some sources think that this technology will also follow the path of the previous series of networks which is 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile technologies that has evolved in the technology side of development. The 6G mobile technology is the next generation wireless mobile resources which will surely make phenomenal changes in mobile technologies.

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